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Modern military status-Royal Encuragean Air Force (REAF)

Royal Encuragean Air Force

The REAF currently has 19,500 Trained Pilot, 10,000 Pilot In Training and 8,400 Veteran.

The REAF has multiple planes for different usage from scout drones to warplanes. The REAF currently has 750 Scout drone, 12,500 Fighet Jet, 850 Rescue Helicopter, 650 Attack drone, 11,000 Transport Helicopter, 700 Attack Helicopter and 82 Warplane. The REAF is responsible for Air-Defense too, there are currently 700 Not Moveable Anti-Air Missile Launcher and 600 Moveable Anti-Air Missile Launcher.

Scout Drone:

Fighter Jet:

Rescue Helicopter:

Attack Drone:

Transport Helicopter:

Attack Helicopter:


Not Moveable Anti-Air Missile Launcher:

Moveable Anti-Air Missile Launcher: