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The Nation of Bonbon Detests Pigeons

Pigeons are worse than religion.

The only acceptable uses of pigeons are as follows.

1. Training them as messengers / homing pigeons or other psychologically interesting things.
2. Running experiments on them - anything from psychological torture to cosmetics to the effects of radiation
3. Shooting them down and feeding them to our pets
4. As cheap chicken substitute to feed rapists who are in prison, feathers, poop and all.
5. As sex toys for zoophiles who just don't respond to therapy. Sheep are off limits, as are any other chordates.
6. Training our olympic shooters or army/police sharpshooters in target practice.
7. Training our various AIs in what not to be.

This list may be appended, for uses that will not result in an significant increase in pigeon populations, and for uses that significantly reduce their populations, as long as there is scientific consensus and a 2/3rds majority of the parliament.

The Rogue Nation of Nobnob