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Regional rules and rights/responsibilities of citizens

Regional rules ( read when you join)
1)Please be kind to others in chat.Use your manners when talking in chat (no Swearing, Racist jokes,Sexist jokes, or anything that disrespects other nations basic rights.)
2) be Respect full to the officers and Follow what they say
3) no recruiting in chat
4) donít spam
5) please donít Correct other Nations grammar
6) citizens should be kind every other citizen and newcomers
7)if your not a officer donít try to police other nations,if they are doing something against the rules tell the officers.
8)Help new Out new members if they need it.
9) you can Have Debates about politics and situations as along as itís in a Civil manner
10) Please feel free to bring issues up with the officers , give ideas, tips or even Constructive criticism about the region.
11) follow the standard NS rules.
12)have fun!

-approved by the president, Red Ion-

(( sorry if there are spelling errors))
((Rules may be change at anytime))

Anyone breaking the rules will dealt with harshly.Rule beakers will be given TWO warnings before they are banned.

RIGHTS of citizens
All nations have the right to freedom of speech.
All nations have the right to vote
All nations have right to expression
All nations have the right to protection
All nations have to be treated fairly and equally under and by the law
All nations have the right to run for regional representative
All nations have the right to Create political a party and act in political activities

responsibilities of citizens
All citizens have a responsibility to follow the rules
All citizens have the responsibility to defend the region when called on.