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LCN | Council Referendum

The Republic of the League of Conservative Nations
Council Referendum

Do you mandate the Consulate to establish a governing Council within the terms below, and to author a Constitution which will be ratified by said Council regarding this new government?


I mandate the Administration to author and ratify this system of government.

I do NOT mandate the Administration to author and ratify this system of government.


  • To be affirmed, the option "I mandate the Administration to author and ratify this system of government." must gain selection from 51% of the participating eligible voters or more.

  • The Council of the Republic will be composed of the Consuls and other Delegates selected in other manners. The number of seats may be changed by the Consulate depending on regional activity and population.

  • The Consulate shall author the relevant Constitution and it will be voted on by the Council of the Republic, requiring over 2/3 (excluding the Consuls) agreement to be ratified. It will include the terms defined and further specifications of administration, as well as its amending process.

  • The following is the simplified process of choosing a Council Delegate.

    • Following the establishment of a new seat or the conclusion of a previous term, 3 citizens of the LCN must nominate a new person to take the position.

    • Once this is reached, the Council (excluding the Consuls) shall vote on their nomination unless the Consulate vetoes this for security, criminal, or other dire reasons.

    • If a majority of the Council Delegates approve the nomination, the nominated citizen shall be sworn in.

  • The seats on the Council shall vary in time, for the purpose of maintaining veteran officials and also giving new opportunities to those not previously involved heavily.

  • The first Council of the Republic shall be composed of the following Delegates. If any decline the offer to this position, the positions will be filled in the aforementioned standard procedure once the remaining Council members take office.

  • The Consulate will re-organize the government most fittingly based on this should it be affirmed.