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The DRF - A History

My region, The Democratic Republic of Freedom, turned 1 on Thursday 2nd May 2019, but many people don't know what's actually happened during the early months. So, I've compiled a history of the place I've always called home.

2nd May 2018: The Democratic Republic of Freedom is founded by a recently founded nation, Skundi, who becomes the first member of the region

2nd June: First WA delegate elected, Supremn becomes one of the most respected members of the region

3rd June: Regional Government formed in a poll, that only 3 or 4 nations voted in. (Fun Fact: The first RMB post was about this poll!)

5th June: First embassy established - the region was London

5th June: Skundi becomes Prime Minister

18th June: Skundi becomes only the 2nd WA delegate of the region

7th July: The DRF has a flag, adding the finishing touch to it's public identity

22nd July: Supremn becomes only the 2nd Prime Minister after edging past Matroyska

23rd July: Skundi writes the Constitution - which is still in place today just in need of amending

25th July: The DRF allies with The Eastern Union, but it doesn't last as long as hoped

13 August: The DRF forms embassies with Hegiroth, which, let's be fair, has given and shown the DRF a lot of things

14th August: Somehow, the DRF houses 15 nations, but... not for long as nations begin to CTE

20th August: The first ideas for an RP shape with Zweites Preussen at the helm, but don't really come into practice. Shame...

10th September: Abbots becomes regional newsagent which ended in closure of embassies with Hegiroth after a massive argument on the RMB. I'll let you decide how bad it was...

22nd September: Zweites Preussen becomes Prime Minister while becoming the first non-main nation Prime Minister!

27th September: The N-Day faction, DRF and Friends nuke the world gets eradicated after picking fights with bigger, more active regions. Lovely wasn't it!

1st October: A merge between the DRF and the Sovereign Democratic Alliance is proposed, but after unsuccessful talks between Skundi and Discaria, the merge is pulled off but the two regions are still friends

19th October: Matroyska, (who has amazingly been mentioned only once!) has his issue accepted into the game. Thus becoming the first nation in our region who has an issue currently being offered to nations!

17th November: Matroyska wins the General Election after Zweites Preussen pulls out

29th November: Then Minister of Foreign Affairs, West margola closes 31 embassies but faces criticism and backlash from the region. Eventually, most of the embassies were restored, and Margola lost his job, but it was just a reminder that our embassies are precious. He then leaves the region

25th December: The DRF celebrates its first Christmas, while Hegiroth celebrates by becoming Featured Region of the Day. No embassies yet, but good friends still.

19th January 2019: The first major happening in 2019, was the election of Eugene1 to PM following Matroyska gracefully handing over the win after a tie. Eugene1 became one of the first PMs that had been a member for around a few months. The region was congratulating him...

24th January: The DRF reaches its 100th RMB page! The first post was made by New Excalibus' puppet, Chungusville

26th January: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The DRF establishes a second embassy with Hegiroth, cementing the friendship that has always been there. Well, just about.

4th February: The SDA sadly gets shut down by Stolkland after the inactivity bug struck. Fortunately, Stolkland moved here, but we said goodbye, to more friends yet again

6th February: 2 days after joining, Stolkland becomes WA delegate (he's still in this position today!)

12 February: Stolkland (how is he doing this much already!) restarts the DRF Chronicle, with much better results than previous ones. If you want more in-depth news of recent events, the first five editions are out by Drf state broadcasting!

13th February: Scandal reaches the DRF, after Eugene1, the then-PM, announces punishments for Skundi and Abbots for spying on another region. It then spirals out of control - punishments handed out, comments being made, anger spreading and then the last straw, an impeachment vote being called by Abbots. Before he can be impeached though, Eugene1 resigns, and publicly announces he won't get involved again in the government. An interim PM is in place before a proper election takes place. Phew! That took a lot of effort!

24th February: Two records occur! The first, the largest elction ever! 6 candidates stand, but only one can win, right? Wrong! Following a tie in the revote, the only option is to have 2 Prime Ministers - Matroyska and Zweites Preussen! They become the first joint-PMs in history!

8th March: Zweites Preussen, one of the PMs, releases an embassy policy that comes into effect fairly quickly. It's designed to help prevent another Margola situation again

13th March: An RP idea is accepted, with lots of nations willing to take part! The first successful DRF RP! Ever!

14th March: Hegiroth begins its demise, after Lytchett made a brash decison that everyone was against. The nations of Hegiroth weren't happy, so they left. Just like that. And move to the DRF instead! Anyway, Hegiroth became a reminder that the people have the power, and the founder isn't always supreme.

17th March: The former Hegirothines form their own region, The Clover Confederation, and the DRF immediately starts a new intimate relationship

21st March: The Clovers and the Hegirothines clash on the DRF RMB, which led to increasing tensions between the two regions. It took a while to boil over though, but it is now a remnant of what was an interesting war of words.

22nd March: The DRF RP officially begins! A lot of effort went into it, and The co-prosperity-puppet's hard work pays off. The first post is here: page=rmb/postid=348542631

28th March: Zweites Preussen's embassy policy is updated

30th March: (I've just realised that loads happened in March!) Anyways, the people vote to introduce political parties to the DRF political spectrum - making politics way more exciting!

2nd April: Excalian puppet oneNew Excalibus forms the firt DRF party - the Freedonian party. It later becomes the Clovic party.

21st April: The craziest election yet occurs - the first with political parties! The Nationals attack the Clovers, the Clovers attack the Nationals, and Lynttyn (an independent candidate) attacks them all! The has never been as great an election as that! Oh, and the Clovic Party won, with Excalian puppet one[nation]/[/nation]New Excalibus becoming PM.

24th April: RP war begins! Then ends...

2nd May: We all sing Happy Birthday to the DRF, and we reminisce back to old times (partly why I published this). Our present? A new recruitment TG! Anyway, it had been an eventful year...
*goes back to the start of the dispatch*

6th May: The Freedo becomes the DRF regional currency

7th May: Long-time member, Eugene1 departs from NS in style - a goodbye dispatch. We will miss him (or her)

16th May: Lynttyn publishes the start to the new DRF constitution. It's looking really good, so check it out if you haven't already!

19th May: The DRF reaches a population of over 30 - a big landmark for us!

And there we have it - a full DRF history, now only time will tell what will happen next!