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Khanter in LoA

I was doing my happy post style government in KoGB, and then Said "After this I need to do my post for TRR" then, I blink twice, and said "I would need to do my post for TWP too..." then I Blink once more "I need to do my Discord post for TSR and Relax-Jamie-Malphe Region.... Notify in AntiFa, and.. and.. and.... NO"

So yeah, NO, no multiples post when I can do happily do ONE UNIQUE Dispatch announcing that I will be Out of Sight since this Thursday 23 Hrs CST till monday 12 hrs CST.

I am going to have a nice vacations with my family in a Town called Patzcuaró (ha! you tried to pronounce it) in the State of Michoacan, so I will take tons of photos, of food, buildings, nature and stuff, to share to y'all....

so a pair announcemnts:

KoGB - Maddie, you are in control, in both, but do not burn the policies >:( | Peeps, Do not Burn Maddie. | Kingsy, design will be till Tuesday or later....
TRR - mmmm Fratt, do not speak in VC while I am Away. | Zao, Go to sleep at night!
Relax-Jamie-Malphe Region - Remind me to put a nation in region :P but later. | Make Salv Cringe for me.
TWP - I will do what I need to do when I get my ass back. | Aelitia Later I DM you (like Tuesday) for my RP Factbook Specifics, I need your inmense RP mind <.<
TSR - Illahee I will take photos for you! and perhaps you will be able to use them for fancy designs....
AntiFa - Whater, hate you. Dio, love you. Vipp do not say Yeet, Xor, Say Yeet, Sweeze, nice fur.
Every Place where Dalimbar is - NO PURGES.
Bobberino - Ping Alastair McIntyre for me, like you do with Malphe.
Ballpit - Give me soup :(

PS. By the matter of Photos, DM me if you want access to see them in, so I do not spam any server.