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Solomon and his generals had talked all throughout the night. They were discussing their next moves, and how they should handle this. Reports of bombers getting ready at Itallitopia as well as Vlorania putting troops near their borders worried them. The invasion in Eripolis was still being fought, and the 1st and 2nd Yugo Fleets were still en route to Greater Saint-Paul.

Thankfully, they thought of a plan, dubbed as Operation Double Cross. It would be put in action soon enough.

They have just finished their conference, and as everyone was leaving the room, one of Solomon's generals, General Arturius Nester, walked up to him.

"Heil Solomon! Sir, if I may, what if this doesn't work? Then what?"

Solomon looked at his bodyguard and nodded his head. The bodyguard subsequently walked out the room, shutting it behind him, leaving the two men alone. They sat down across from each other at the long conference table, looking at one another. Solomon's face was indifferent, a poker face he learned many years ago, a face that would always hide his true feelings and thoughts.

"It must," he said in a low voice, staring down at the table. "We've come too far."

"Our forces are too spread out! This is madness on an unprecedented scale! Our troops are a day-"

"No, they are not," snapped Solomon. "This is what we wanted, no? A chance to finally make Yugobatania a greater nation. And our chance has come."

Solomon stood up.

"But you have lost yours."

He pulls out a gun and shoots the general in the face. His head rocks back on the chair, and his body falls down on the floor. Solomon walks over to his body, rolling him over with his foot to see his face. Blood was flowing from the neat bullet hole in his forehead, the general's eyes looking at him.

"If we lose...then we lose everything."

Solomon walked out of the conference room, and his bodyguard followed suit. They got in their limousine to head to a nearby airbase.

The janitors would have a hard time getting the stains out of the carpet later.