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Past Two Weeks - 10/4 - 24/2 | Please van make that diplo rp i need material

10 April - 24 April Edition

Gday and welcome back to Past Two Weeks. Just before we jump into it, I just want to say that I’ll be covering the TWItter thread, the League thread and the News thread here. Also, I’d like to extend my somewhat deep sympathies to those who have ended up in this publication for the first time - Veltora and thy Union of Kalmar Republics

Into the News

The angry ethnics are back in New Totzka as tensions increase in the areas where the ethnic peoples are most prevalent. In Deltora Veltora a 37 year old is found dead, a transcontinental high speed rail was announced and the Beet strikes Athara Magarat again. PM of Tauskland feels like resigning after a nice, big 219,000 document size leak and the Athara Magarati government continues to wage war against its people by upholding a ban on the use of calculators in tests from Grade 1-10. Some ominous publication from Suvurnia that totally isn’t linked to the deep state is published whilst there’s a cabinet reshuffle in Nhoor.

Conservatives and Christians outraged in Dragao Do Mar as an LGBT woman plays the role of Jesus in a theatrical performance. Tauksland’s Prime Minister “throws in the towel” and remains to dispute the validity of the leaked documents. “More on this braking news later”. Referendum for Yhai independence starts only for a really scary state of emergency to be called which removes the authority of states, suspends non-essential lines of communication, two articles of the constitution to be suspended and “ALL CITIZENS [now] MUST COMPLY WITH SECTION 8 PERSONNEL”. Almorea’s ready to chase down New Totzka’s angry ethnics, with twenty seven arrest warrants being executed in one day.

And in the League

We receive a handy update on the “pacification of San Javier” whilst the Athara Magarati wants casualty estimates. Almorean delegate finally gives up on being more dignified than the Ahnslen delegate just before he was called back home to be questioned by the Senate I AM THE SENATE.

And in the Tweetesphere

Upgrades to Alteran MBTs, report comes out about Alteran Republics’ AI (Albion Invicta) capabilities and someone who uses the #rockthevote hashtag is in the race to become Prime Minister of the Kalmar Republics (not related to the Alteran Republics, however a corporate takeover offer may be coming to them). Altera is back again, with Horizon Inc announcing their entrance into the game console market and a totally not Steam platform being created by them. We get some somewhat ominous and moderately concerning TWIeets coming out of Suvurnia from someone we never followed yet TWItter is telling us we do.

And that’s all for this edition of Past Two Weeks. I’ll see you again in a fortnight

The memes were arrested by New Totzka’s SECTION 8 PERSONNEL

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