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Lapathiyan Revolutionary Leader Passes


It is with great sorrow that we announce the peaceful death of General Boris Pavel, a member of the Klaussovyet and a leader of the Revolution of 1925.

Pavel was well-known for his confidence, leadership skills, love of the worker, and distaste for personal power.

Born to an eighteen-year-old widowed mother of the oppressed working class in the pre-Revolutionary era, he rose to the position of General in the Lapathiyan Imperial Cavalry, and orchestrated the assassination of Fyodor the Mad. He was an active leader of the Revolution of 1925, which he is often credited with beginning with his speech on a tank in Azimov Square, which inspired a crowd to storm the Palace, where the Klaussovyet was held under guard for high treason against the Crown. See an except from that speech below. He later defended the Palace from a Monarchist countercoup, which led to the capture and suicide of Nicholas, Grand Duke of Madanhoff and last heir to the Imperial Throne. His home village of Pavelbad, a satellite of the capital city of Madanhoff, was renamed thus in his honor. There still stands a tiny shack, with two rooms and a small open-air latrine, the place where his exhausted Proletarian mother, who died when he was seventeen, raised him to be the best he could be—as he was.

”We may die for our cause, the sacred struggle of Communism; but our words, our actions, our ideals shall not die. They cannot. What matters is not whether we succeed, but whether we try. And if we do so, though we are liquidated and the Workers are crushed, our children and grandchildren will look back at us and perhaps attempt the same. At any rate, they shall remember us, as we remember them. And we do remember them.”

—Boris Pavel