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Aumeltopia for Local Council

Hello, RMB—

I was Local Councillor before, back with Mostly benevolent tyranny and Sjs republic. Now, I'd like to be your (substitute) Local Councillor again. I have one and only one major goal as Local Councillor for the next few months: fixing the moderation of the Regional Message Board. I can be lighthearted (don't think so? check out my previous campaign: page=dispatch/id=906079!), and I can guarantee that I will be plenty fun on the RMB if elected. :P But mostly I think what the LC needs right now is a serious look at the RMB.

I greatly appreciate what Auphelia and Volaworand have already been doing in their first month as LC members. I am impressed at Volaworand's successful initiative to overhaul the Local Council election law, and I am extremely glad to see a standardized warning process under discussion. These are great steps, and only need to be pushed to continue.

As far as a standardized warning process, I would like to see something along these lines with this level of detail:

  • Double-posting for new members

    • 1st time: No warning

    • 2nd time: RMB post replying to offending post: "Hey, we'd just like to ask that you try and edit your post if you have something new to say, instead of posting a second one in a row— just so it doesn't clutter up the page. Thanks! :)"

    • 3rd time: RMB post replying to offending post: "Hey, just a reminder that we'd appreciate it if you refrained from double-posting as much as possible. :)"

    • 4th time: Telegram with more serious warning and suppression

    • 3 or more posts in a row: Suppression of 3rd post on if post is a sentence or less in length, or lacks meaningful content

    • Repeated 3 or more posts in a row without meaningful content: Look into a ban

  • Double-posting for older members

    • 1st time in short timespan (e.g. a day): No warning

    • Repeated in short timespan: Suppression, RMB post replying to offending post, and telegram if post is a sentence or less in length, or lacks meaningful content; RMB post replying to offending post otherwise

    • Repeated habit long-term: Discussion with Local Councillors on behaviour

    • 3 or more posts in a row: Suppression of 3rd post on if post is a sentence or less in length, or lacks meaningful content

I've used double-posting here as an example, but I would work to implement specifics like this for each one of the current RMB Etiquette rules.

In general, I believe the current rules around multi-posting are, while not (yet) clearly defined, generally too harsh. Not all multi-posts need to be suppressed, just the ones which indicate an intent to spam. Others can be left alone and their authors simply reminded that it would be appreciated if they could avoid the practice.

However, as a Local Councillor I would work strongly to limit— even outright ban— roleplay on the main TSP Regional Message Board. Since my last term on the LC, the situation has become far too out of hand. The amount of licking, huggling, belly-rubbing, and other even more questionable "roleplay" actions is beyond reasonable at this point and it's clear that it's driving a sizeable portion of our community here away. The roleplay is at this point, no matter the intentions of those involved, smothering out other discussion— one just can't keep up with a normal discussion when the rest of the RMB is just two or three people posting "*snuggles you with my swooshy tail and sidles up to you ^w^*" in different variations at each other.

What I would propose is this: All roleplay, traditional (e.g. nations) or asterisk-style, which does not tie into another non-roleplay discussion is fully prohibited on the TSP RMB. (This would be things like stabbing and waving wands for the sake of stabbing and waving wands, nations declaring war on each other, etc.). Roleplay which does tie into another non-roleplay discussion (e.g. "*snores at my desk, then suddenly wakes up at your question*" in response to "How are you today?") may continue on the TSP RMB for five posts until it must be moved to the appropriate other region or suppressed. Combining the roleplay in a single post with another unrelated non-roleplay topic does not bypass this rule. (This basic system would certainly need a bunch more details to fully work in practice.)

The problem then becomes how to manage the "secondary regions" (Knowhere and Psomewhere) and make sure that people are not just taking any potentially troubling activities there. I would like to negotiate out a way for the LC to take ownership of the founders of Psomewhere and Knowhere, or at the very least have Regional Officer controls over those regions. I don't believe it is the LC's responsibility to moderate those two regions as well, but every few days, the Local Council should check through their RMBs for any harmful or improper posts and report them if so. This should ideally be a duty traded off between LC members.

I'd also be interested in creating a master spreadsheet for the Local Councillors to note down what times and pages of posts have been and are being "covered" by moderation, record official warnings and the posts associated with them, and for RMBers to be able to submit reports on posts which would then directly appear in that sheet for LC members to take note of.

— Aumeltopia