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Farkasfalka is a Failed State

Farkasfalka is a Failed State
Authored by: Chief Consul and High Commander Quebecshire


Since March 21st, also known as Genesis Day in Farkasfalka, there has been a de facto conflict between the regions of The Gentlemans Coalition (GC) and Farkasfalka. This conflict stemmed from a few issues including harbouring of Holocaust Deniers and terrorist sympathizers, as well as the raiding nature of Farkasfalka, but nonetheless, this document is being written not to explain why Farkasfalka should cease to exist as a region but as to why it is a failed state incapable of governing its own affairs.

Failures of the Farkasfalkan State:

This section shall be composed as a list to explain the general failings of the Farkasfalkan government to defend itself and to function as one would expect a legitimate government to do so.

  • Complete Ineptitude in Regional Defense

      This is a quite easily explained one. During Operation Indonesia, which was only formally planned for about two days, the Gentleman's Coalition was able to raise a fighting force to dwarf the number of endorsements held by World Assembly Delegate Violent mob. Farkasfalka, in the time since the initial invasion, has only added a single endorsement to their delegate. Furthermore, Farkasfaka's inability to defend itself, its protectorate, and to raid properly is the primary read why they seek to establish The Virtů League, as they are ineffective to properly defend their region. Even the regions which they hold abroad are simply founded in their name, of no accomplishments to Farkasfalka. As said by The Fascist German Reich himself in a public channel on the Farkasfalkan Discord Server: "We definitely lost." This message was lodged within a day of Operation Indonesia, despite their boasting of valiantly pushing the raiders away, they admit their vulnerable failure behind closed doors quite easily.

  • Government Instability

      Despite their boasting of regional unity and strength, the Farkasfalkan government is quite unstable. The only factor which keeps things from falling apart entirely is Vungar. Going back to term two presented to Farkasfalka by the GC - The government of Farkasfalka publishes a document recognizing the reality of the Holocaust's evil and abhorrent occurrence and condemns the denial of factual information regarding these tragic events. The Fascist German Reich tried to have this term scaled back, despite admitting the ignorance of what the term seeks to target. As he said And ignorant personal will almost never admit to being wrong, especially those that truly believe it to be a lie there is effectively an admission that while those who deny the facts of the Holocaust are wrong, they would never admit to such. It is easy to infer and to assert that due to Farkasfalka's nature of calling opposition degenerate and having a de facto regional ideology, the actual reason for refusing the term is it would cause the government to completely fail. The Farkasfalkan government is too unstable to accept simple reality, if they were to do so, their government would implode. Purely the nature of a failed state.

      A more glaring example of this problem can be seen in the lack of communication of their government. Nukataria posted a message of resignation five days ago, yet he still holds regional positions/authority. Additionally, as you can see in the spoiler below (relevant parts of the record are underlined), he is using that power to counter the actions of another government official. The instability, ineffectiveness, and lack of communication is ever so glaring.

      17 minutes ago: The Colony of Nukataria unsuppressed a post on the Regional Message Board.
      31 minutes ago: The United Principalities of Infernia suppressed a post on the Regional Message Board.
      37 minutes ago: The Headache supplement of Advile departed this region for The Republic of Northern Powers.
      39 minutes ago: The Headache supplement of Advile arrived from The Republic of Northern Powers.
      68 minutes ago: The Decreeist Magas Általános of The Fascist German Reich suppressed a post on the Regional Message Board.
      81 minutes ago: The Colony of Nukataria unsuppressed a post on the Regional Message Board.
      116 minutes ago: The Militaristic Dictatorship of Cythus arrived from Voltarium.
      2 hours ago: The Decreeist Magas Általános of The Fascist German Reich suppressed a post on the Regional Message Board.

  • Unrepresentative Administration

      The Master Dispatch of Farkasfalka (at the time of the posting of this dispatch) states the following: Farkasfalka is based on and built upon one ideology: Decreeism. However, in a post responding to Gagium in the Council of Islamic States, The black party began a comment with Why do you assume every resident of Farkasfalka is required to adopt the Decreeist ideology? Nonetheless, The Fascist German Reich later claimed that If your goal is to weaken Decreeism and to change it to your own personal views, then you aren't what this region needs right now. Farkasfalka is effectively a one-party/one ideology grouping despite their claims and inability to host the freedom and debate they claim to have. There is also not an easily accessible law archive/documentation, further showing the grip held by the Decreeists over what is essentially the entire region, as it fears that its regime's days are numbered.

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