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Economics of NS Entertainment and the Regional Roleplay

In the recent months, or more generally the past year, it seems there have been stricter natural limitations placed upon the Roleplay in the LCN. While some may argue this is due to inactivity, government intervention, or another main force, I think it has become a natural result of regional cultural diversification, which will be explained in this piece.

The Regional Roleplay is, in essence, a game within a broader community. Individuals such as Icaris and myself (and others) have called the LCN a broader and higher community, not simply spanning NationStates, and one where people have developed legitimate friendships. For the sake of consistency and simplicity, henceforth in this document, the LCN will be referred to as a community unless stated specifically otherwise. That being said, it would be logical to assert that the Regional Roleplay is a game within a community.

Another main bit of contextual information is that especially within the last eighteen months (though likely more specifically the last year, the time period of the issue in question) the LCN community has become much closer and integrated in terms of knowing each other, talking, and doing stuff together. The next point of this writing is games. The recent creation of an LCN Minecraft server has led me to consider this. As the LCN talks more together and plays more games together, the Roleplay inevitably leaves the spotlight or loses a monopoly over LCN entertainment.

In a sense, this is comparable to economics. Not economics in the sense of monetary transactions, capitalism, socialism, or et cetera, but economics in the sense that there is limited/scarce resources (mainly time, but others may apply) but an unlimited desire/want (entertainment and enjoyment).

Generally when something is introduced it flares up in a trend for a short while before becoming lesser on the forefront of entertainment. This excludes some more stable methods such as quicker easy to do things like be on a Voice Channel or play a few rounds of a free browser game. However, repeatedly resetting a regional roleplay due to the roleplayers becoming bored, or not maintaining it, nor finding their main interests in other regional entertainment methods, well, this simply has become an unsustainable design for its function.

Note: This is not a formal project so will be posted and expanded upon/improved as I personally see fit.

Notes to Add: Resources limited (time), but entertainment desire is infinite. Inevitable prioritization based on public demand and administrative resource possibilities.

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