by The Uenunist Rertareun of The United Essentan Nations. . 24 reads.

Uenunism (ideology)

Used by Essentei and North Essentei (forming The United Essentan Nations) and anybody else who wishes to adopt this ideology.


All companies will be independent by default, but a company may choose to government run if they wish to be so. The government may not make any profit from independent companies, but, may have an amount agreed upon by the company and government if it is government owned and the government may even get as much profit as they want in some cases (because the government owns it). People won't be taxed by the government, this means if people want something built (a road or something like that), they must donate money and stating what they want the government to with that money so long as it it reasonable (no building a personal nuke), if the request is found unreasonable, then it will be sent back with the reason. Having a currency is up to the government to decide.


The public may vote on anything but first the government must approve of the topic they are voting on. Everybody has the right to keep and control their items/belongings, that means that they can place rules as to what people can and canít do to and/or with their items/belongings. Example: you can touch an item but not use it unless you have permission could be a rule set fourth by the belonging's owner.

Law and order:

If somebody does wrong or against law, they will be punished the way they broke the law or in a way equal to it. Examples: If you stole two pieces of candy, the candy will be retuned to the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper will get two pieces of your candy, if you ate the pieces of candy the same thing will happen only the shopkeeper will get to eat your two pieces of candy, if you stole two pieces of candy and had none yourself you will be forced to make enough money so it is equal to the price/prices of the candy in any way or in a way the shopkeeper wants so long as it is reasonable and the shopkeeper will keep it. What if you kill somebody? You will get killed with the same method you killed them with and if it was something like stabbing you will get stabbed the same amount of times. Example: You shoot somebody 3 times and they died, you will get shot three times to kill you as well, if you shot multiple people like 3 people, one shot twice, one shot once, one shot 4 times youíll get shot the amount of times in total (7 shots in total here).

These examples should help you know what would happen in any scenario but if there is a scenario you donít know what would happen in then telegram me (The United Essentan Nations) and Iíll probably be able to find an answer to it.

Jail is an applicable punishment if the law is unsure whether you did really commit a/the crime.


Uenunismís colour (like communism= red, capitalism = blue) will be yellow.
Uenunism is pronounced: Yoo-en-yoo-niz-um