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Prarie for Foreign Affairs!

There are times for everything. Time to wake up, time to go to school or work, time for dinner, and time to go to bed. And thereís a time in TSP right now, too. Do you know what time that is? Itís time for a new voice in Foreign Affairs. So, hey.

making foreign affairs fun

Foreign Affairs isnít naturally fun. Thatís a given. But itís also a problem. Like I said before, we need new perspectives to FA. How are we going to do that? By attracting more members. And how will we attract members? By making FA fun!
Currently, a big problem with FAís un-fun-ness is that barely anyone can have their voice heard. Thatís going to change! Iím going to do a couple things to make this happen:
Have a team of advisors advise the MoFA, much like the FA Team structure in Serresí term. Those advisors and the Cabinet will be one of the last and most prominent voices for key FA decisions, the last decision coming from the MoFA, of course 😊
Calling in the ambassador to that region when a decision has to go down regarding that region. Ambassadors know their region well, and they should be able to demonstrate that!
A section in weekly AMAs where the MoFA can chill and answer questions from legislators and citizens. Sometimes the best takes come from the ones on the outside.
An art studio channel in the MoFA discord where citizens can design posters, logos, and shields to represent the MoFA.

keeping an open mind

I donít ever believe in isolationism. Like, ever. Never ever. Friends are fun! :) And I know weíre not at that point in TSP yet, but with our pessimistic attitude in FA nowadays, we could go towards that track. Thatís why I believe that TSP should keep an open mind in FA. No more calling any extending of relations off because of something that happened 5 years ago! I think that because of that, there are some regions that might be open to being closer with us, but we donít even know it!
If I was MoFA, Iíd look for those regions, and then, when found, reach out to them! No, not kiss them on the running track. Just a text. And if they respond positively to that text, then we can invite them over to our house to watch Sixteen Candles :) (i.e, consulate)and then we annex them!

be gone, npo!
TSP closed embassies with the New Pacific Order after the Osiris spy scandal was released. Thatís all well and good. But if we keep up our current NPO-like views on certain positions, Iím afraid that in a couple years we and the NPO could look a bit too cuddly...I donít want that. Obviously. So thatís why I think that TSP should look for any sort of ties with the NPO, sever them, and encourage our allies to do the same. Whether this will escalate to working with the APC and such, I donít know. But I know that TSP and the NPO are currently to close for comfort. Letís unfollow and block them on Instagram. and then post a video of them making out in the hot tub with TEP!

nsgp 😳

95% of the time, when someone says something about TSP, I wave it off. NSGP is full of people with personal grudges against TSP members. But mostly, itís full of people who are just jealous of the coolest kid in school! (i.e, us.) But NSGP can still matter sometimes. Our embassy forumside is our PR office, and potential allies could be driven away by how we handle ourselves there. Thatís why I believe TSP should appoint someone with significant NSGP experience to be the TSP ambassador to the NSGP community. This is going to be an esteemed position that only the best can do well, as itíll require a lot of chillness and coolness. But I think that having that will benefit our PR office in the long run.

Thatís it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via the forum, Discord, TG, or Snapchat :p
P.S., I luv yíall
Always and forever, Prarie <3