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LCN | League's Police Force

The Republic of the League of Conservative Nations
League's Police Force

The League's Police Force (LPF) is an institution mandated by the Office of the Consulate to serve the region and its populace, as well as to maintain order in the Republic of The League of Conservative Nations within the regional law and rules, as laid out here as best as possible. The League's Police Force is made up of equal members, excluding the Chief of the League's Police and his chosen Deputy (if he chooses to have one), whose title mandates him to manage when necessary if the Chief of the League's Police is not currently present for any excused reason. The Chief of the League's Police is responsible for overseeing the remaining officers and doing the general duties laid out for him.


The roster includes those who serve on the League's Police Force.

League's Police Force Rules of Conduct:

This is the conduct guide of members of the League’s Police Force, drafted by the Consulate and approved by the Chief of the League’s Police Force.

1. The League’s Police Force is a department mandated by the Consulate’s Constitutional authority and is therefore expected to report to the Consulate and abide by their stipulations.

2. The Chief of the League’s Police Force is the highest ranking member of the LPF and is the chief moderator of the server, all standard officers report to him and abide by stipulations within his authority.

3. The Deputy of the League’s Police Force is a standard officer in the presence of the Chief of the LPF. If the Chief of the LPF is not available then the Deputy shall be recognized by the Consulate as the highest ranking member of the LPF and therefore chief moderator until the Chief of the LPF is available again.

4. Always provide at minimum the server rule which is being invoked when giving a user a warning or mute.

    4.1 Further elaboration that does not republish the rulebreaking content is ideal but the statement of the rule involved is mandatory.

5. Do not argue with individuals over warnings in #police-reports. Appeals are to be handled by the Consulate.

    5.1 Behave professionally in #police-reports.

6. These conduct expectations can be edited as deemed necessary.

League's Police Force Warning Protocols

  • Provide a bot warning for any rulebreaking content published by a user.

  • The moderation bot is wired to provide a mute to a user upon the third rulebreaking infraction within twenty-four hours.

  • LPF officers are expected to mute a user upon the second infraction in a day if both infractions violated the same server rule.

  • LPF officers may provide mutes to users they feel will not abide by the rules if simply warned. However, this ability will be held to a high degree of review to prevent abuse of power.

  • Follow special protocols for any users that have been placed on one.

NationStates and the Regional Message Board:

The League's Police Force is responsible for the enforcement of domestic laws in The League of Conservative Nations. While only the Chief of the LPF or certain officers may be granted regional permissions, all officers are endowed with the authority to issue warnings. A formal LPF warning is considered a legal warning and is expected to be abided by, and failure to heed these warnings may request in being called to the Court of the Republic. The LPF is to enforce the rules and laws of the League on its main platform, the Regional Message Board. All residents, citizens, and outsiders are expected to understand and respect this authority, even if they disagree. Any issues with the conduct of the LPF may be taken to a Consul of the Republic.

Discord Entry and Customs Alert System:

The Alert System is a method for the League's Police Force Customs Division to be aware of what is expected for new entry into the Discord Server. It may be altered by the Consulate or by the Chief of the LPF upon request to the Consulate.

  • Alert System Level Green

    • Business on the Discord Server is functioning as normal. Exercise a normal use of caution, there is no perceived threat to the server, region, and there is no extensive violation of the Server Rules currently occurring. Follow standard protocol for the handling of any problems, as explained.

    • Under Alert System Level Green Protocol, entry into the Discord server by new members must be approved by at least one Consul of the Republic.

  • Alert System Level Orange

    • There is an elevated amount of caution that is to be exercised. Follow Alert System Level Orange Protocol for any handling of rule violations or any issues. This is typically established when there is a moderate amount of instability occurring or during the fallout or aftermath of the aforementioned.

    • Under Alert System Level Orange Protocol, entry into the Discord server by new members must be approved by at least two Consuls of the Republic.

  • Alert System Level Red

    • There is a very immense degree of caution that should be exercised. The region is either in a state of wartime or there is a direct threat present. Follow Alert System Level Red Protocol for the handling of any issues. All issues are to be handled swiftly due to the high likelihood of incursions being made against the region and/or server.

    • Under Alert System Level Red Protocol, entry into the Discord server by new members must be approved by all three Consuls of the Republic.

Customs Responsibilites:

A specific group of officers within the League's Police Force will be designated as Customs Officers. This will not give them any authority that they did not already have within LPF but they will hold the responsibility of settling new members into the Discord Server. When a new member joins the Discord Server the Customs Officers will be responsible for asking them to state their name and purpose on the server before giving them the proper roles.

Bot Warning Notice:

The League's Police Force may give out warnings by using the designated bot on the server. In the event of the latter, the bot automatically records each warning under that person. If one goes one week without any infraction, they may contact a Consul of the Republic and the Chief of the League's Police to have the bot warn record cleared for them.

This document is considered official and can be edited at any time by the appropriate authorities.