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Mavi "Blue" Ryuu

Mavi Ryuu

This is Blue in his vacation clothing, along with his signature sunglasses.

President Blue Ryuu

In office:

Personal Details


November 22, 2000 (Current Age: 26)
DragonCorp, Dragons of Power



Political Party:

Townian Conservative Party






DoP University
- Degree in Oceanography




"The best form of offense is the defense, and ours is unbreakable."
- Blue Ryuu

Blue Ryuu is currently the President of Turtle Town.

Early Life

Mavi Aquairus Ryuu, or better known as Blue Ryuu, was born in the capital of Dragons of Power, DragonCorp. Like his older brother, Blue was given his water abilities, but at a younger age, being about a year old when receiving this "gift". Blue grew up loving the water, loving to take baths and go swimming in pools or at the beach, growing a love for the sea. When Blue was about three, he met his dragon, Tidalwave during a family vacation. Blue wandered off on the beach, and found the little dragonet beached on the side of the beach, with an injured fin, seemly from a shark attack. Blue was found by his parents who ran off after him, finding the little dragon as well. With Blue not wanting to leave the dragon, the family got Tidal some help, with Blue bonding with the dragon. As the sea serpent was going to be released, he stayed, not wanting to leave his new friend. As Blue got older, he became more of the trickster, with his love for the sea growing as well. He was more interested in sailing a boat than doing practically anything else. When Blue was 12, he and his brother Seto went with their father to a military base. The two brothers were looking around and behaving, until Blue decided to pull a prank on his older brother, purposely hurt him and pissing him off. Seto yelled at his brother, with Blue saying things back and returning the aggressiveness back to his brother. They soon got into a heated argument, which resulted into a fight between the brothers. Josiah, their father, saw what was happening and ran to stop his children from fighting, running past a bunch of oil tanks for vehicle fuel and other weapons as such old Plasma Gun prototypes. As he ran to them, yelling and pleading for them to stop, a stray fire blast flew past him, hitting the oil tanks. The tanks blew up, blasting Josiah, burning him badly and even blowing off his arm. Seto and Blue hit the ground from the shock wave of the explosion and quickly got up to look at what happened. They got up to see flames everywhere, with their father burnt up, lying on his stomach on the ground. The brother's realize what they did, and rushed over to help their father, screaming out for him. When they got to him, they turned him over, discovering that their father, was dead. They burst into tears, crying out for their father to wake up, even though that he wasn't going to. They instantly regretted everything they said and did, making terrible decisions. Which, resulted in their father's death, with Blue losing more of the trickster side of him, and Seto refusing to use his fire ability, seeing it more of a curse than a "gift". Two years later, their mother Mary, died of a heart diseases and a broken heart, with her dying in the arms of her children, leaving the two brothers as orphans, as Dragons of Power flew into chaos.

Rise in Politics

Blue became a politician like his older, being one of many to aid Seto when trying to change the corrupted Powerian government. Blue was given a Powerian colony, which he was allowed to have it self governed and become the nation now known as Turtle Town, being the youngest nation still around to date.


Blue is a kindhearted leader, like his brother and father. His people love him, with him still holding the traditional values of the Ryuu family and the Neo Dragon Republic. He fights to keep his people safe from a world corrupted with power and evil. Blue is the only current remaining leader of the world that would fight with you, instead of kill you. Due to recent events, he has brought Turtle Town into a full isolation mode, cutting all communications with the world due to the end of the war.


  • Dragon's Rights Policy
    The Dragon Policy provides protection to dragons in Dragons of Power, and still applies to Turtle Town, giving them certain animal rights and allowing them to roam Dragons of Power as a pet or domesticated animal than some wild animal. This also prevents the hunting of certain endangered dragon species, and the murdering of a dragon without a permitted reason. If you are caught, you will be fined or possible spend jail time. You must have a license to own certain dragon species as a pet. Some species are forbidden as pets, as in case most endangered species.

  • Space Force Policy
    A Space Navy will be kept into place and will be funded heavily. The navy will be designed for exploration, and even though they're not made for combat, they're capable of fighting other cruisers of size and of more power. This also secures a Space Program, allowing for the building of more Space Stations and colonies.

  • Marine Animal Protection Policy
    This helps protect marine life from pollution. This also protects endangered marine life from being hunted as well.

For & Against

  • For: Neo Dragon Republic, Democracy, Civil Rights, Political Freedoms, Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Capitalism, Space Travel/Force

  • Against: Draconian Empire, Communism, Fascism, Slavery, Murder of Innocents, Fascism, Torture

Personal Information

Blue likes spend a lot of his free time fishing, or going swimming. Blue does a lot of marine exploring on his own, with Tidal. Blue tends to help out his brother a lot, and even spend time with him and Jade. Not much else is known about his personal life, as Blue is in hiding like the rest of Turtle Town.

Personal Trivia

  • Blue is the first president of Turtle Town.

  • Blue is the leader of the youngest nation of Galria, aka being Turtle Town.


“To anger a Powerian, lie to him. To anger a anyone else? Tell him the truth.”

“Nice day, isn't it?”

“Brothers are suppose to be there for one another, and not be against one another. You are each other's best friend, and no one should take that away from you. No one.”

Note Seto found that Blue wrote after the war:
"Hey Seto...
So, all I have to say is, I'm sorry.
We tried our best.....the war is over, and Wyvern has won. I don't know anyway to tell you this....I'm sorry....
Now, before you started getting worried, don't worry about Draco and I, we're safe. My people and I have gone off the radar, and as of Draco, he's in Emercondia.
You're took a pretty damn hard beating from Wyvern, but lucky enough, Comet, along with Murial and Glacier swooped in to save you before Wyvern could finish the job.
When Draco and I found you with Comet, you were dying critical condition, with your burning heart, dying...
I made sure that the best Townian medical tech and treatments were used to keep to alive. That device on your chest is suppose to help your burning heart heal, and serve as a monitor. The doctors found that the injury that you got from your chest, was deep enough to hit your heart. You're fire abilities are weak right now.....you need time to heal. Warning, absolute warning, do NOT under any circumstance, use your fire ability, it will overload your healing heart, causing you to burn from the inside out. Keep your flames under control until you are fully healed, because Draco and I would like to see you again, and more than likely Jade...
Now, you may be wondering, where the hell are you?
Well, don't worry about that, but you're at Draco's old home, were he grew up in the woods. You're in his house cabin, and it's in the middle of nowhere, so nobody knows where it is and that you're here, except us, and Comet...
Speaking of Comet, he has gone home to Xach with his family, but not before making sure that were okay and safe.
Another thing that you might need to know about, ever since Astral's death, the Legends have been acting weird. They're lost their ability to transform into their larger forms, which I don't know if that is tied to Astral or anything, but whatever magic that they had, is now gone.
Now, I left you some clothes, food, water, and all of the extra stuff for you in the cabin. And, if anything happens, I have what I could salvage from a military base of Rider Armor and weapons. Be careful with all of it, and conserve your ammo.

One last thing, I gave you something that I though you would like to have...to, keep you going at a time like this. I managed to get some pictures for you, in that envelop inside of the envelop, and yes, it does sound stupid.

Stay strong for us, for me, Draco, and even Jade....I love you brother, and I hope I get to see you soon. Good luck, and be safe...


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