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Jade Emerson

Jade Emerson

Jade Emerson.

Jade Emerson

Parents: Wyatt and Diana Emerson

Personal Details


April 15, 1999 (Current Age: 27)
New Elizabethtown, Emercondia




Seto Ryuu (Fiancé)








"Don’t make me kill you."
- Jade Emerson, right after bringing the Jordan Empress Xipporah Mather to her knees, the first time a ruler such as her had ever suffered defeat.

Early Life

She doesn’t lead a country, or even a small section of one, but you still should be wary when you make an enemy out of Jade Emerson. Don’t be fooled by her young appearance, she can control the force of lightning and isn’t afraid to harm anyone who tries hurting her or any of her friends.
Now, that may sound heartless, but based on what she’s been through, it’s no wonder she trusts very few people.
Jade was born on April 15, 1999 to Wyatt and Diana Emerson. She also has a younger brother, Caleb, who is two years younger. Jade loved her brother and her parents very much, and had a very happy childhood growing up in New Elizabethtown. But.....then her first tragedy struck. Little did she know, many more where to come....
On a cold October night, soldiers barged into the Emerson home and targeted the family. Wyatt was shoot as soon as he opened the door, followed by Caleb. Diana grabbed Jade and fled to safety. But, soon enough, Diana was shot down. As she fell, she dropped Jade into a pool of water, where an electric post had fallen in it recently. The soldiers took Jade for dead, but really, Jade was gaining a gift that she would use to save hundreds of people, including herself.....
Once she got out of that situation, she went into town for help. People realized right away that she was an Emerson, a very popular name in Emercondia. And....with that name, she was supposed to take up the post of the leader of the country. But, a young man fooled the people into thinking that he too was an Emerson, and he took control, robbing Jade of her rightful place. Right away, he established ridiculous laws, such as the ability to own people....because of this law (and to make sure that Jade couldn’t take her place as the leader) the new leader had Jade sold to the care of the Demars at the young age of eight. There she spent eleven years being beaten for tasks she was simply too small to do and whipped for taking having to steal food from the market to survive.
Sure, Warren Demar owned her. But, he didn’t provide a roof over her head nor did he give her food, clothes, or money of any sort. Jade grew up surviving on the unkind streets and i of the crippled country, reporting daily to the Demar mansion to work backbreaking labor, or else she would pay the price. Since she already got whipped almost weekly for getting caught stealing food, she didn’t want much more; she couldn’t take any more.
So, she considered it a blessing when she was knocked unconscious one day, and woke up in a cell with two strangers.
One stranger was Yassine Kabbal. She took this man to be her friends, but after he took a certain someone captive and supported his torture, he has now become a threat shortly after.
The other stranger (the one Kabbal captured) was Seto Ryuu. Right off the bat, he was trustworthy and Jade clicked with him. It didn’t take long for them to become best friends, as they still are today.
Eventually, Jade got out of the situation where she woke up in the cell, and she immediately met new people....new villains, and will end up meeting old ones too. She continued to grow with Seto, making many memories that she will cherish forever. As she grew with him, they ended up having to go through hell...in Jade’s case, again.
Jade was shot down multiple times. She was brainwashed, tortured, almost destroyed herself with her own ability multiple times, and has been captured more then once or twice.....but each time, her friends have had her back and helped her get out of there. And she returns the favor best she can, especially when it comes to Seto, since he is a common target in multiple places. They’ve both even been captured together. But, each time, they team up and get each other out of the worst of situations. She met her dragon Nya, when Hayden Demar captured her to lure Jade into a trap. After running away with his trap being a success, the poor dragon was left to die. Seto Ryuu And his dragon Comet-X found her, chained and hurt, and set her free. Nya saved Jade, and the two bonded right then and there. the two go on flights daily, and their bond continues to grow as they get to know each other better.

Current Life

Jade currently lives in hiding with her fiancé Seto Ryuu and the Legends Azrael, Djibril, and Ibris, after Jade spent some time under the rule of Empress Xipporah, while the DoP was in a civil war, with Seto almost being killed by Wyvern Dracon.

Personal Trivia


“Yeah, I’m broken. I’m emotionally broken. Does it hurt? Of course. Do I keep going? Of course I do.”

“Don't try me right now, I'm not in the mood. I might end up killing you.”

“Who knew that I could cause hell with a wave of my hands?”

“I have what I need......and WHO I need......to beat you.”

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