by The Yandere holy RO of The Angel of Charity. . 122 reads.


As pretty much everyone knows, I was coordinating a takedown of EU to attempt to bring back some fun and liveliness to the RMB. As you can see, it's canceled, when I launched this, I launched it with the interest of fair play in mind. I wanted good fun, and a fair and polite event, among those on my side, I constantly stressed being fair and polite to others. I wanted to avoid drama, avoid what had brought down so many events like these, and to try to usher in a new more active age here.

How did the EU respond to this? Obviously, by attacking every member that joined, criticizing everything I tried to do, and staging drama just to try to get a small edge. Because of their actions, I cannot in good faith, continue this. Not only did these underhanded efforts leak into toxicity on my own part, but it made it absurdly hard to keep things polite and warm in tone. I fail to see why the leadership of such an old and respected alliance acted or allowed such behavior.
My own leadership was also a problem, I had a hard time keeping members in line, and there was little I could do to stop some drama that occurred.

As a member of this community, and someone who cares deeply about ensuring respectful treatment of everyone on here. I cannot continue an event that simply will spawn more issues than it creates. The crusade will be called off, and most likely, the empire dissolved to a few small members. Obviously, I have spent weeks working multiple hours a day to ensure that this went as well as it could go on my end. However, I refuse to just generate more drama going forward with this. I truly apologize to everyone who joined or were looking forward to this. I'm sorry. Maybe if I had a stronger will, or cared less about drama, this would continue. However, I don't and can't put up with this.

Most likely, the current wars of the crusade will be finished (The New Wisconsin EmpirevsWersh mainly.) and then I will find something else to do. I'll probably work mainly on my side nations from now on, I really can't RP seriously here after this.