by The Supreme Imperium of Great Redanien. . 12 reads.

Imperial Etiquette

1. Residents are to refer to the Supreme Emperor with respect in all forms of communication. Acceptable terms include Kaiser, Great Kaiser, Mein Kaiser, Emperor, Grand Emperor, Supreme Emperor, Your/His Majesty, Your/His Imperial Majesty, Your/His Supreme Majesty, Imperator, Sire, My Lord, etc.
2. Official bodies, including any regional officers, are to be spoken about with due respect.
3. During Role Play, slander of opponents during wartime must not be excessive and must comply with Regional Message Board Etiquette.
4. The infringement of the above clauses shall invoke a warning from the Officers. Failure to heed said warning will result in a ban.
5. Nations of equal rank or who have familial relationships shall not be required to use formal address when speaking with one another.
6. The official language of the Federation is English and German.