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President Valieant will send additional 100,000 troops to Midand

President Kay Valieant speaks at the National Security Council meeting Friday
President Valieant, National Security Council will send an additional 100,000 troops to Midand
By Brooke Foligno, Junior Foreign Correspondent | @brookef1993

(Capitol Heights) President Valieant announced Saturday that North Prarie would send 100,000 additional troops to Midand to fight Le Front de Liberation du Midand, in response to the Pacifica Plaza terror attacks that let loose carnage throughout the Plaza on Thursday.
Valieant was visibly nervous at the National Security Council meeting on Friday, but was firm with her words. This is natural, as this is the first real national security event in her almost 6 years as President.
Ms. Valieant said in her announcement at the Presidential Office on Saturday that “This is a threat that needs to be majorly addressed. We are doing this, and we are doing this to avenge the 274* people who died supporting their soccer team.”
National Security Council leader Tylor Georges said in a statement hours after Valieant’s speech that “the Council is eager to advance our presence against the FLM terrorists, and we are proud to send Prariean men and women to show the power of the Prarie to the FLM firsthand.”
Additionally, the terrorisg threat level in North Prarie has not fallen, as opposed to Volaworand. Many cities in North Prarie still look like ghost towns, and law enforcement officials are engaing with FLM supporters in the streets.
The North Prarie National Guard has informed us that 13 officials have died as a result of this.

*The count of dead at Pacifica Plaza has risen to 275 since Ms. Valieant’s speech, as Evan Chandler’s son Lucas has died. We pray for their family.