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Pacifica Plaza attacked, Regional Secretary assasinated: 274 dead in carnage

A man with a severely blood-stained shirt is escorted out of Pacifica Plaza after the terror attacks.
Pacifica Plaza attacked, Regional Secretary assasinated: 274 dead in carnage
By Eric Elliott, Foreign Events Correspondent| @elliotteric

(Stonebridge) 274 were killed, including Regioanl Secretary Evan Chandler, in a multi-hit terrorist attack at a Prarie Cup watch party in Pacifica Plaza on Thursday. No group has yet claimed responsibility. But it is suspected that it is the doings of Le Front de Liberation du Midand. Who have threatened North Prarie, but have only launched one attack (the CLC grocery store shooting) compared to their large efforts around the world.
The attack started at 9:24 PM Prariean Coast Time when a man shot from a flat overlooking the plaza at Regional Secretary Evan Chandler, who was in one of the perches over the Plaza watching fans and supporting his team, Capitol Heights. Chandler was killed on the second shot, and the third shot hit one of Chandler’s sons, Lucas, 12, in the shoulder. He is in critical condition.
After the shots were fired, Chandler’s bodyguards protected Lucas, then started shooting at where they thought the shots came from. They hit surrounding flats and a local coffee shop. They did not hit the target. About 10 seconds after Chandler was shot, a bomb went off in the middle of the crowd. This is how most were killed, as the Plaza was crowded, and due to the strength of the bomb and the mass of body heat, it caused a lot of damage. About 20 seconds after the bomb went off, the same man who shot Chandler started spraying the crowd with an assault rifle. Law enforcement officials estimate about a third of the casualties came from this, and many people who were injured by the blast were also hit by bullets, which killed them.
The suspect for the bombing attack is 32-year old John Cael. Cael’s friends have said he has supported communism in the past and is “obsessed” with the ideal of North Prarie going imperialist and joining with Communist Midand to create a South Pacific ruled with an iron fist, with a “superior race” status for Prarieans and Midandians. Cael’s grandparents on his fathers side legally immigrated from Midand in the 1990s.
The suspect for the assasination is 41-year old Eslait Iaulaeti. Iaulaeti immigrated to North Prarie at the start of the South Pacific Cold War. He bought a assault rifle in October at Rush’s Hunting Club, a hunting club outside Wescott, along with a Hunting Pass. He never used the pass. Authorities killed Iaulaeti after he allegedly tried to shoot up a Bullseye department store on 19th street an hour after the shooting. He tried to sneak past law enforcement into the store, and when apprehended he pulled his gun on the officer, and then was shot by his companion. After Prarie Assault Apprehension raided his flat (the same flat he conducted the shooting from), they found texts with FLM members on his smartphone. Iaulaeti was a believer in reform when he was in Midand, and a friend in Midand convinced him to carry out the operation for the FLM.
After the attacks, North Prarie is on it’s highest alert level since the South Pacific Cold War, level 3. Many universities have suspended classes, many sports teams have stopped play for the week, and citizens are advised to avoid crowds or tourist attractions, and to go outside when only needed. President Valieant spoke after the attacks outside the Presidential Office, and called the attacks “a measly attempt to dismount the freedom and confidence of Prarieans”. A funeral for Chandler is scheduled for next Tuesday, with a large police presence expected. This will,probably be Valieant’s only public appearance for a couple weeks, as National Security advisers have deemed it unsafe for her to be seen in public during these times.
The South Pacific is at war. The staff at the Stonebridge Times urges you to be safe during these times.