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40k Luna Wolves Successors

Chapter: The Blood Hounds
Sigil: Stylized Cerberus mark over a crescent moon (https://i.imgur.com/wJ8cnmM.jpg)

officially 5th founding chapter of the Ultramarines, actually loyalist remnants of the Luna Wolves (from Loyalists and Blackshields)

The Bloodhounds are constantly under-strength, suffering from a distinct lack of supplies and materiel.

Gene-Seed: fairly pure
Chapter Flaw: Disgust of the Ecclesiarchy causes great amounts of friction. "Ends justify the means" mentality, highly autonomous.

Chapter Organization: Five double-strength Companies. Each double-strength Company has two Veteran Squads and 18 Strike Squads, plus two Scout Squads.

Strike Squads are akin to Tactical Squads, but pack considerably more firepower, well, as much as is possible. Nearly all Strike Marines carry a close-quarters sword or axe in addition to their bolter.

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