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"Paradise World" - civilized world. ~800,000,000 people.

Massalian Campaign:

Similar to Taros Campaign but far harder for the Tau. Part of their 3rd Sphere Expansion, the Tau, feeling highly confident, initiated an invasion of Massalia shortly after conquering Taros. However, they were out of luck as they were targeted by the Massalian Crusade, initiated by Strategos Iasonus as a powerful, smashing counterstrike to devastate the Tau attacking forces.

Course of the Campaign:

1. Tau corruption

Tau, long before Taros, cultivate a network of high-up informats and spies to aid in the assimilation of Massalia. Shortly after Taros, an Inquisitorial Black Ship is deployed to investigate Massalia's loyalty. The Inquisitor deduces the Governor's cooperation and deploys Stormtroopers and a Deathwatch Kill-Team to capture the governor and leading PDF generals. The Governor is killed due to resistance by new Tau bodyguards, and most PDF generals are killed as well due to pitched firefights. The PDF begins fighting against itself, loyalists vs Tau symapthizers.

2. initial Tau landings, Arbitators and PDF overwhelmed.

A Tau fleet soon makes an appearance in-system, quickly driving off the Inquisitorial ship and heavily damaging it. Two Carriers, seven Cruisers, and nearly thirty Escorts make their appearance, leading a transport fleet of hundreds of Cadres of Tau Fire Warriors, Battlesuits, and vehicles. Quickly landing, the Tau Army silences the remaining PDF forces. The planetary Arbitrators get a distress call out before being destroyed.

3. Imperial gathering of forces, Tau reinforcement.

In the wake of the loss of Taros, the Imperial forces in the area were furious. A counterattack was needed to punish the filthy Xenos.

4. Initial Imperial counterattack
5. Titanic reinforcement
6. mopping up

Imperial Orbat:

1st, 3rd, 5th Immortals Astartes Companies, Battle Barge Basileus, 2nd Immortals Astartes Company, Strike Cruiser, 5 Escorts. Later on, 3rd, 6th Novamarines Companies arrive, 2 Strike Cruisers, 3 Escorts.

Emperor-class Battleship (+ 6 Fighter, 2 Tactical, 2 Bomber Wings)
Overlord-class Battlecruiser
Mars-class Battlecruiser
Lunar/Gothic Cruiser Squadron
7 Escort Squadrons
lots of transports

I. Corps: Attrition/Siege
5 Infantry Regiments
2 Armored Regiments
3 Siege Regiments
attached Stormtroopers
attached SHTs

II. Corps: Armored/Offensive
4 Infantry Regiments
2 Drop Troop Regiments
6 Armored Regiments
attached Stormtroopers
attached SHTs

III. Corps: Reserve
3 Infantry Regiments
6+ Penal Legion Regiments

Titan Legion

Palatina (Semipalatinsk)

Death World. Palatina has a very elliptical orbit that brings it first close to, and then far from, the system sun. When it comes close to the Sun, Palatina overheats and is scorched, while when it is far away from the Sun, it grows cold and desolate. Each "cycle" or "year" lasts approximately 9 Terran Years. In between these extremes lies a highly fertile "growing period" where the citizens of Palatina must grow their food and prepare for the next cycle. When Palatina is in the Summer or Winter, tectonic and volcanic activity wrack the planet, re-fertilizing the soil and bringing many new minerals to the surface.

This cycle divides Palatina into four seasons - Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Spring and Fall are times of growing, each lasting two and a half years. This is the only time Palatine citizens may go outside, which they do, again primarily to grow and stockpile foodstuffs and medicines. The Summer is an intense six-month period of scorching heat while the planet slingshots around the Sun. The Summer forces Palatine citizens inside their mobile cities and bunkers, but also brings to the surface a massive amount of radioactives and metals which must swiftly be harvested. Finally, the Winter lasts roughly four and a half years, again forcing citizens inside, but also enabling the harvests of ice and other minerals that are usually gaseous or liquid, but solidify due to the intense cold.

Citizens of Palatina live in two types of settlements - land-ships and "embers". Land-ships are massive, mobile hive-cities. Their mobility allows them to harvest resources during Summer and Winter. Embers are massive bunker-complexes that serve as the only means of food and industrial production on the city.

Palatina Campaign:

Similar to Taros Campaign or other Imperial Armour campaigns.

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