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Prarie For LC: Third Time's the Charm!


Heyo! I'm North Prarie (but you can call me NP), and i'm running for a seat on our fabulous Local Council.
Even though we're doing this again(!)(!), I would still like to introduce myself to all the people who don't know me.

I was founded in the South Pacific on July 31, 2017 as the Republic of Valliesta here in TSP. I was a noob and was asking very nooby questions, but I soon got enough grasp of the rules of the game to actually function like a normal nation. One of my first actions was campaigning on behalf of Erinor in the Del elections that were currently going on. I was active for a solid two weeks, than kind of forgot about the game and the Republic of Valliesta ceased to exist. In November of this year, while googling games like this to play I stumbled across NS and remembered the fun times I had. I immediately rejoined as the North Prarie you see today.

I immediately made friends, including friend and overall awesome person Volaworand (who I urged to run instead of me!) because of him, I was more active on Knowhere and in roleplay overall, since I realized how much fun it was.

I wanted to found a political party, and upon seeing Morgantown West Virginia's cries for help, I founded TSP Next with him. Let's just say it is not how I wanted it to turn out. They turned into a bundle of couping conspiracy theorists who I tried to organize a military operation against, and ultimately hit them on their downfall and invaded the region, that now does not exist.
After that, I founded the Island Democratic Party, a party aimed for representing gameside rights, and ran for delegate on behalf of the IDP. I brutally failed. After that, I posted even MORE and ran for LC that March. I failed by a brief margin, falling to fourth place. And then I posted even MORE! I became increasingly frustrated at the political divisions on the RMB, and even got involved with Discord and to a broader spectrum, NS politics more. I tried to run for LC there. I failed in 5th that time. After that, I sought out looking for opportunities, and one popped up. A MoRA special election. I campaigned hard and made a lot of friends, but ultimately fell in that one by two votes. Then I was involved a lot in a big TSP scandal where I was put on the ruthless stage of GP. After that, I started gaining some experience. I was on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Team, the team that helps the MoFA make decisions. I was put on the MoRA advisory council, and helped plan events. Then school hit, and I was put into a bout of inactivity. Then, just a month ago, I came back. I recognized old faces and met some new ones. Now here we are, and i'm running for Local Council yet again. Third time's the charm, right?