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Seto Blayze Ryuu

Seto Ryuu

Seto Ryuu.

Seto Ryuu

In office:

Preceded by: Drake Dracon

Personal Information


October 15, 1998 (Current Age: 28)
DragonCorp, Dragons of Power



Political Party:

Neo Powerian Party


Jade Emerson (Fiancé)




DragonCorp University
- Degree in Holotech and Dragon Studies




"The past is merely a string of footsteps, with the future being an infinite walkway."
- Seto Ryuu

Seto Ryuu, former President of Dragons of Power and former CEO of PowerCorp.

Early Life

Seto Blayze Ryuu, or just simply Seto Ryuu, was born in DragonCorp, with at the age of two, Seto gained his trademark fire abilities from an experiment from their father, being forced a pound by his crazy "uncle", Drake Dracon. At a very young age, he found a interest in dragons, being of the age of 5 when he met his dragon and best friend, Comet-X. He had a hard time making friends at school, with him being socially awkward and other kids his age thinking him as a spoiled brat, when he wasn't. Mary and Josiah raised Seto and his brother the best they could without spoiling them, doing their best to teach them good morals, to help and protect the weak and ones in need. As he grew up, Seto grew a love for technology, with him wanting to help his father. He did so, bonding with his father more and more, growing closer to him than before. At the age of 14, Seto and his brother, Mavi, went with their father to a military base. The two brothers were looking around and behaving, until Mavi decided to pull a prank on his older brother, purposely hurt him and pissing him off. Seto yelled at his brother, with Mavi saying things back and returning the aggressiveness back to his brother. They soon got into a heated argument, which resulted into a fight between the brothers. Josiah saw what was happening and ran to stop his children from fighting, running past a bunch of oil tanks for vehicle fuel and other weapons as such old Plasma Gun prototypes. As he ran to them, yelling and pleading for them to stop, a stray fire blast flew past him, hitting the oil tanks. The tanks blew up, blasting Josiah, burning him badly and even blowing off his arm. Seto and Mavi hit the ground from the shock wave of the explosion and quickly got up to look at what happened. They got up to see flames everywhere, with their father burnt up, lying on his stomach on the ground. The brother's realize what they did, and rushed over to help their father, screaming out for him. When they got to him, they turned him over, discovering that their father, was dead. They burst into tears, crying out for their father to wake up, even though that he wasn't going to. They instantly regretted everything they said and did, making terrible decisions. Which, resulted in their father's death, with Blue losing more of the trickster side of him, and Seto refusing to use his fire ability, seeing it more of a curse than a "gift". Two years later, their mother Mary, died of a heart diseases and a broken heart, with her dying in the arms of her children, leaving the two brothers as orphans as Drake reigned as the President of Dragons of Power, slowly forming the Neo Dragon Republic back into another Draconian Empire.

Rise in Politics

Two more years passed, as Seto became a politician like his father and grandfather, to help change the already corrupted Government. He along with Mavi and a few others, would try to assassinate Drake Dracon during his time in office, but with Drake being more than capable of defending himself, he survived, disappearing afterwards. The Congress at the time called for a snap election from pressuring from loyal Powerians within the branch, with Seto running as president. He soon won the election, and started to change all the damage done by Drake. He did his best to live up to his family name, with Seto giving a colony territory that Drake claimed during his time to his brother Mavi, who turned it into a self governing island, soon becoming the Country known as Turtle Town. Seto would soon help bring Dragons of Power back from it's dark past, making it a world superpower once again, but this time, without the Draconian ways.


Seto was mostly liked by his people, being a reminder of what the Ryuu family has done for Dragons of Power. Seto was more of the most kind leaders of the world at the time, putting his people in front of everything else. But, when it came down to it, his teachings about "family first" got in the ways of his leadership, with him making irrational decisions to protect the ones he loved, only to end up losing many close friends in useless wars and conflicts, as he watched helplessly. His guilt began to grow more and more, as he slowly became mentally unstable. He fell for pressure from the world's superpowers, as all of his allies were gone, with those very same nations that he fought along side with, wanting him dead, with no one left on his side. Wyvern led a campaign, framing Seto for all of the wrong doings of the world, resulting in a civil war with the Draconians vs Powerians. The people fell back to the old Draconian ways, as the war waged on. With the aid of the Legion, the Draconians won the war, leaving the few remaining Powerian forces retreating to Turtle Town, with the rest being slaughtered or being captured. Seto was thought to be dead after the war, but he went into hiding under everyone's noses, hiding in a cabin in the middle of the Northern Powerian forest, permanently scarred from his battle with Wyvern Dracon.


For & Against

Personal Information

Seto lives with his girlfriend, and now Fiancé, Jade Emerson, and the Three Legends, Azrael, Djibril, and Ibris. He rarely is seen without Jade, and they spend a lot of time together, going out on dates and hanging out before the civil war. After the civil war, Seto is thought to be dead, killed from his injuries from Wyvern Dracon in their fight. Seto actually lives in secret with Jade and the Legends, in hiding. They do their best to survive, with only having one another to keep them going.

Personal Trivia


“You can't change the past, as much as you want to, you can't. But you can control your future, and that determines who you are, not the past, but who you are now and who you will become.”

“The future is unlimited, as the past is but a trace of memory to just be forgotten...”

“Dragons are powerful allies and wise teachers. It's time to heal old wounds, misunderstandings, and fear. For the Dragons are coming once again to teach the children of Galria. Open your heart to the wisdom and love of the Dragons.”

“A Dragon isn't a slave, nor a pet. A Dragon is your friend, and you'll respect that friend. If you don't respect that friend or hurt them, they'll hurt you worse, and it'll be something that you'll never recover from.”

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