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Anteria Code of Laws

This is a list of all regional laws enacted by Anteria's Ministry

Electoral Procedure Act
Minister elections for the next term of office will be held on the final day of the preceding term via
a regional poll allowed to run for 24 hours.

During the elections, each member of Anteria can cast one vote for the candidate of their choice,
regardless of how many nations one member may operate in the region. If it is found that a member has
voted more than once with multiple nations, the extra votes will not be counted in the final tally. If the
winner of the election can not be determined because of a significant amount of extra votes, the Chief
Justice may determine the election to be compromised and call for a re-vote. If it is determined by the
Delegation that a member attempted to vote more than once with multiple nations, the offending
member will be brought to trial.

In the event that two candidates receive the same number of votes and there are only two candidates
that received any votes on the ballot, the Chief Justice will select a candidate as the winner. The Chief
Justice may not vote in the election under any other circumstances than to resolve a tie.

If no candidate receives a 50% majority of the votes in an election and there are more than two
candidates, then all but the two candidates that received the most votes will be eliminated and a runoff
election will be held.

Scope of Enforcement Act
Any mode or forum of communication that is administered by the Ministry of Anteria, or anything
that can be considered a fundamental part of Anteria's basic operations,
will be considered the same in terms of enforceability of Regional Law. In addition,
the separate rules that govern Anteria's Discord are to be considered the same as the regional laws that govern the region of Anteria.
The Ministry has the discretion to apply punishments in NationStates to offenders of Discord rules, and vice versa.

Openly violating the rulings of the Minister or the Ministry after said ruling was made is a punishable
offense that can lead to the offender being tried, as prescribed by the Concordat.

The Conglomerado Corporativo of Prybourne