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Regional Awards

Honorable Nation Award:

In recognition of nations who have contributed greatly towards the people and government of Union of the Kind Ones

Glacikaldrian aeribius

Thy Majesties Scholarly Award:

In recognition of nations who excel in the fields of literature, writing, and the arts.

Glacikaldrian aeribius
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Honor of Monarchial Knighthood:

In recognition of nations who value all ideals of the UKO monarchy and is active in the RMB, and in all regional affairs.

Distingushed Keeper of Good Ideals and Diplomacy

In recognition of nations OUTSIDE of UKO who have helped to maintain diplomatic relations with UKO and I those who have always created a positive atmosphere in the region.

Free city of rigia
Patek phillippe
Lady Galadriel

Compound light microscope