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The Welcome Package (ORIGINAL, FIRST)

Hi there, and welcome to TSP! We're super glad that you were founded here, and would love it even more if you stayed!
An intern walks out of the TSP Governing Center and hands you a nicely wrapped navy blue case with the TSP Seal on it. You look inside, and you see...

A guide to NS and TSP!

A lampshade! (a TSP tradition)

A glass of South Pacific Iced Tea! (TSP's official drink, commonly called SPIT)

Some RMB rules!


Local Council

Welcome to The South Pacific's Regional Message Board (or the RMB), the place in the region where we can all sit back, relax, and chat with other nations. It is the region's primary communication method and it is a vibrant place, open to debates, interactions, and just plain fun. (as demonstrated with our games)
However, this RMB is not a lawless wasteland where everyone can just fool around and think they can't get caught (sadly,
this happens) and there are rules in place when using it, set and enforced by our regional admin.
These rules are in place for safety, reputation, and dignity, and we really suggest that you please observe and follow the rules.
The rules are as follows:
Important Note: The rules will change over time, either due to new legislation, a new LC term, or edited for clarity.

Fairly obvious, but PLEASE do not spam the RMB, or face suppression and consequences.
Spamming is bad. Please do not endorse it.

2. English, Please
TSP is filled with a variety of nationalities and cultures and it is amazing and fun to see how much there is. However, in this region we use English to communicate, so please keep that in mind when posting. Remember, if you're stuck, there's always Google Translate or other similar services.
You can still post another language as long as you provide translations.

3. Endotarting and Recruiting
Asking for endorsements on the RMB as well as recruitment for other regions is not allowed in the RMB, and will lead to warnings and suppression.

4. Roleplaying
Roleplaying is fun. However, roleplay is not something to do in the TSP RMB so as not to clog it up, so we have our very own roleplay regions: Knowhere and Psomewhere.
Don't roleplay in the TSP RMB, if you are, keep it short (2-3 posts is acceptable) or move it to the Wheres.
Current Stance: RP is currently allowed in the TSP RMB but nations are advised to move it to the Wheres.

5. Double Posting
Double, triple, or sometimes even quadruple posting, is not exactly illegal, but frowned upon (with a few exceptions) You can fit all you want in one post, and the edit tool is your friend. (the reason we do this is that it will clog up the RMB if you keep doing it)
Consequences for repeated instances are to the discretion of the LC.

6. Debates
Debates are cool. We here at TSP like it. However, do not go crazy and go all out on TSP'ers. That is not recommended at all, and if you go to far it may require intervention.

7. Trolls and Flaming
Shall you be a troll and are trolling or flaming the RMB (delibrately trying to aggravate people or annoying them), we can tell and immediately suppress you, as well as keep record of the incident. In bad cases, you will be booted from the region.

8. Follow NS Rules
Fairly obvious and self explanatory, but please follow and respect site rules. (see here for them) You don't want the mods breathing down your back, do you?

9. Inappropriate Stuff
Things you post that are inappropriate or harmful will immediately be suppressed and recorded. Shall you keep it up, you will be booted and we might go to the mods.
Examples include major swearing, things inappropriate for the general audience, etc.

10. Follow and Respect the Admin
Please follow and respect our regional admin (including the delegate, the CRS, the Ministers, and the LC) and keep in mind the power and authority they have, and follow their set rules. They are there for the region's benefit.

11. Quoting
When replying to someone, please quote them (by pressing "quote" on the bottom of their post) so they are notified, or if you are calling for someone, telegram them or mention them in the RMB.
Quote editing in a bad way (to slander or make fun of them) is not permitted. It is only allowed if you are snipping it for length or are only leaving the important part in.
Please do not quote a suppressed post, as it makes our job harder.

12. Spoilers
If you are making a very long post, it might take up a lot of the page. You can put it in labeled spoilers so you can shorten your post.
As well, if you are talking about the events in a recent movie, book, play, etc. then put the events in spoilers and warn everyone there are spoilers for it in there so people going to see it can have a chance. If the events are in plain sight without the spoiler tags, it may be suppressed for a chance.

13. Respect Others as Well
Ah, the Golden Rule. Treat your other fellow nations how you would like to be treated.

Important Note: Newer nations not acquainted with the rules may be granted some exceptions so they can have a chance to learn and understand the rules. The nation will still have to submit to the rules when they are better acquainted.

Now, remember to keep these rules in mind.
Most important remember to have fun and enjoy your stay in our great region!
🍹Now have a glass of South Pacific Ice Tea and have a great time!

Read dispatch

And finally, an invite to TSP's discord!

We hope you have fun in NS and here in TSP!