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The Essential Rules to the Fallout Wasteland!

Pardon the dust we are Remodeling.
Rules may or may not be updated for the new round. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello there! Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland.

What players must know...

-Before starting your RP, if you're participating as a custom faction, you must create a factbook with your faction's desired SPECIAL stats. This factbook must be linked in your application after joining the discord.
-If you are a custom faction, to make your initial territory claim, join the Linkdiscord and fill out the provided form pinned in the #map-request-wing channel. Please note that you can start RPing if your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and claim is approved, even if it is not yet represented on the map.
-Communicate with a councilor/moderator when you want to research equipment or build large projects.
-State any research, construction, or territorial expansion on the RMB.
-It is essential that you read all of the factbook guides mentioned in this rulebook.
-28 IRL days equates to 1 in-game year. You can use the time conversion chart below to determine other periods of time:

28 Days = 1 Year
7 Days = 3 Months
2 1/3 Days = 1 Month
1 Day = 13 Days
1 Hour & 50 Minutes = 1 Day


Acknowledging that the concept of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. is not unique to The Fallout Wasteland and other fallout regions may use a similar system. The following system has it's own unique flavor thanks to the creative and out-of-the-box ideas and dedicated effort of the moderator team.

Roleplay Rules

-All out-of-character posts must be made in the Linkregional discord.
-Factions should act similarly to how they are represented in the Fallout franchise unless the faction has undergone a dynamic political shift. For example, the NCR and Enclave cannot become allies, and the Legion cannot have extremely advanced technology.
-Scarcity is everywhere. Vehicles do not have unlimited fuel, weapons do not have unlimited ammunition, and facilities do not have unlimited power.
-Cheating, including but not limited to God-modding or metagaming, is not allowed.
-Players cannot be in two factions at once. This is considered a form of cheating and will not be tolerated.
-Keep the amount of equipment and resources scavenged realistic and reasonable. Finding hundreds of power armor sets in one brief post, for example, is considered unrealistic and op, actions like these will be invalidated by moderators.
-Custom factions that do not make an RP post at least once every 14 days runs the risk of removal from the map. Please contact the current Cartographer if you will be taking an extended leave of absence in advance so your custom faction is not removed from the map. Otherwise, removal is at the Cartographer's discretion.
-The first confirmation word is yao guai.
-Each post on the RMB must be a minimum of 100 words. Expansion posts must be a minimum of 200 words, claiming tiles require two posts or one post of 400+ words with high-quality storytelling. The only exemption from these word requirements are interactions with other players.

Roleplay Disclaimer

While we encourage players to have variety and detail in their roleplay certain themes will not be tolerated as this is a public group.
These themes include but are not limited to;
Detailed depictions of rape
Over use of visualized gore
Over sexualizing posts which could make a player feel harassed

The Four Steps to Getting Started in the Fallout Wasteland!
Below is a selection of guides written by our moderators to help you get started and better understand each system in the region. Please be sure to follow all the steps, each is essential. If you have any questions about any of the steps please ask a moderator on our discord in the #ask-vault-tec channel.

Do you know what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.? The First step to making any custom faction is to make a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. outlined in this factbook. You may allocate 40 points to your build.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Stats

You may allocate 40 points to your build.

Science determines the technological prowess of a faction. It determines how quickly a faction can research things by reducing the cost of tech from the research tree. Origins now determine your starting technology and starting equipment. Here is how each level of Science works:

10 - Science 10 reduces research cost by -25%.

9 - Science 9 reduces research cost by -20%.

8 - Science 8 reduces research cost by -15%.

7 - Science 7 reduces research cost by -10%.

6 - Science 6 reduces research cost by -5%.

5 - Science 5 uses the standard research cost provided.

4 - Science 4 increases research cost by +5%.

3 - Science 3 increases research cost by +10%.

2 - Science 2 increases research cost by +15%.

1 - Science 1 increases research cost by +20%.

Preparedness determines how well organized a faction is and how well it can respond to a crisis. In case of an invasion your Preparedness stat will determine how many civilians will help defense the nation alongside your military. See the Resource Guide for starvation mechanics.

10 - 90% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
50% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 28 free days.
9 - 85% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
55% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 21 free days.
8 - 80% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
60% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 21 free days.
7 - 70% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
65% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 21 free days.
6 - 60% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
70% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 14 free days.
5 - 50% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
75% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 14 free days.
4 - 40% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
80% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 14 free days.
3 - 30% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
85% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 7 free days.
2 - 20% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
90% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 7 free days.
1 - 10% of your non-militarized population will come to arms to defend their land.
100% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 7 free days.

Expansion determines how fast a faction's population grow. Factions also start with 5,000 population for each point of Expansion. It also determines how far your army can move away from your territory.

10 - population grows at a rate of 5% per 28 days. Armies can move through ten empty tiles.
9 - population grows at a rate of 4.5% per 28 days. Armies can move through nine empty tiles.
8 - population grows at a rate of 4% per 28 days. Armies can move through eight empty tiles.
7 - population grows at a rate of 3.5% per 28 days. Armies can move through seven empty tiles.
6 - population grows at a rate of 3% per 28 days. Armies can move through six empty tiles.
5 - population grows at a rate of 2.5% per 28 days. Armies can move through five empty tiles.
4 - population grows at a rate of 2% per 28 days. Armies can move through four empty tiles.
3 - population grows at a rate of 1.5% per 28 days. Armies can move through three empty tiles.
2 - population grows at a rate of 1% per 28 days. Armies can move through two empty tiles.
1 - population grows at a rate of 0.5% per 28 days. Armies can move through one empty tile.

Combat determines how well a faction can fight. For example, Caeser's Legion is a 10, whereas the Railroad is a 5. It determines the quality of your overall army and what portion of your population can be trained. However, combat effectiveness is limited to the technology wielded by a soldier.

10 - 80% of your population can be in your military; Highly advanced skilled army
9 - 75% of your population can be in your military; Highly skilled army
8 - 70% of your population can be in your military; Skilled army
7 - 65% of your population can be in your military; Moderately skilled army
6 - 60% of your population can be in your military; Lightly skilled army
5 - 50% of your population can be in your military; Average army
4 - 40% of your population can be in your military; Beginner army
3 - 30% of your population can be in your military; Very beginner army
2 - 20% of your population can be in your military; Weak army
1 - 10% of your population can be in your military; Very weak army

Industry determines how efficient a faction's factories are, and how fast it would take for a player to repair or build factories and other constructs. Standard times for repairing or building structures can be found here.

10 - Industry at 10 uses the standard construction times provided -50%.
9 - Industry at 9 uses the standard construction times provided -40%.
8 - Industry at 8 uses the standard construction times provided -30%.
7 - Industry at 7 uses the standard construction times provided -20%.
6 - Industry at 6 uses the standard construction times provided -10%.
5 - Industry at 5 uses the standard construction times provided.
4- Industry at 4 uses the standard construction times provided +10%.
3 - Industry at 3 uses the standard construction times provided +25%.
2 - Industry at 2 uses the standard construction times provided +50%.
1 - Industry at 1 uses the standard construction times provided +100%.

Authority determines how well you can project your faction's prerogative on newly acquired lands. A high authority lets you take more land before needing to do domestic roleplay. Once a faction has met their Authority cap they must wait 7 days and do domestic roleplay in the meantime. If a player is found to have ignored this they have become over-extended. A moderator will take control of the Separatist Rebellion and the player will face internal rebellion or hostile raiders trying to seize tiles. Decide to fight or give in to their demands. Generally, an authoritarian faction has a high Authority, while a democratic faction's Authority would be lower. Once you meet your Authority cap you must wait one week for your Authority to reset and during that time focus on story driven Roleplay.

10 - Can take 10 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
9 - Can take 9 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
8 - Can take 8 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
7 - Can take 7 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
6 - Can take 6 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
5 - Can take 5 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
4 - Can take 4 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
3 - Can take 3 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
2 - Can take 2 tiles every 7 days before over-extension.
1 - Can take 1 tile every 7 days before over-extension.

Feeling Lucky punk? Luck impacts the dice roles on our discord server for any of our systems that require dice rolls.

10 - Add +5 to your roll.
9 - Add +4 to your roll.
8 - Add +3 to your roll.
7 - Add +2 to your roll.
6 - Add +2 to your roll.
5 - Add +1 to your roll.
4 - Add +1 to your roll.
3 - Add +0 to your roll.
2 - Add +0 to your roll.
1 - Add +0 to your roll.

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Another settlement needs your help! Now that you know you're S.P.E.C.I.A.L. the Second step is determining starting equipment. This guide explains what custom factions start with as determined by the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats you selected.

Welcome to the Equipment Guide for The Fallout Wasteland!
This guide is meant to help new players know what kind of equipment their custom faction begins with and also the equipment it can obtain.

You must have exact numbers for your starting equipment and for all your equipment acquired in the future. Please keep your factbook up to date weekly.

Just Starting?
Custom factions start with next to nothing but what it does have is guns.
Your starting amount of weapons depends on your starting army size. For example, if you have an E of 5 and a C of 7 your starting army is 15,000.
A good ratio to start would be 75% have main battle rifles and 25% have a squad automatic weapon.
In this example, you would have 11,250 main battle rifles and 3,750 squad automatic weapons. The percentages can be adjusted to your preference but a well-balanced loadout is good for roleplay. As you roleplay getting more equipment your army's equipment loadout will evolve. If your main battle rife is capable of fitting a bayonet you may start with the amount equal to your starting rifle amount. You could also choose to have 75% MBRs, 20% SAWs, and 5% sidearms, for example. Make it your own, but keep it to one gun per starting soldier. I suggest American made weapons as they make sense for the setting of Fallout, but it is not a requirement.
The second confirmation word is synth.
Here are some links to better define classes of weapons.
LinkMain Battle Rifle
LinkSquad Automatic Weapon or LinkLight Machine Gun

What kind of weapons do I start with?
Your starting weapon category is determined by your faction's origin as denoted in the Origin and Perk factbook.

No custom faction begins with military vehicles, tanks, aircraft, heavy crew weapons like artillery, medium or heavy machine guns, mini-guns or missile weapons, etc.

If you are having trouble creating a Factbook use this template created by Vault Councilor New Decandsor.

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Can't figure out what or how to Roleplay? The Third step is to make your first role-play post. For help take a look at just some examples of properly role-played annexation of territory. More Examples will be added later.
Think your post has what it takes to be used as one of our examples? Let a moderator know and maybe you'll make it in to "The Essential Rules to the Fallout Wasteland!"

How to Expand in the Wasteland!

There are four requirements needed to take tiles, if any of these are not fulfilled the claim will be denied.
1. WHO is involved?
Are you RPing with another player? If not, what is your opponent like? Are they futuristic post-apocalyptic samurai? Maybe giant mutated spiders who have developed telepathic abilities. What is their culture, goals, government system? Give some life to them before you crush them!

2. WHAT happened when your troops/characters got there?
If there is a fight, what are the results? How many casualties for you and your opponent?
If it was a diplomatic success, what was the agreement? Did some involved not get everything they wanted? Was the agreement forced or mutually beneficial?

3. WHERE are you and what does the environment look like?
Are in a location never before seen in Fallout? If so tell us how you envision it, make it your own. Are you in the North Dakota forests or Florida Swamps? What do they look like since the bombs fell? Your characters encounter a town in a location they are ordered to capture, what does the town look like? What do the people look like?

4. WHY are you there? What is the goal?
NEVER take a tile or attack another player for no reason! Nor for a reason out of character, both are cheating. With that being said, your factions should have a reason to go to war. In most video games this is called a 'casus belli' or 'reason for war.'

Expansion requires a minimum of two posts worth 200 words that complete the previous requirements. Perhaps one post to fulfill each requirement or a beginning, middle, and end post to complete a story. Remember this is per tile.
400+ word expansion posts are acceptable but require a higher quality of writing than multiple posts.

Please make these things clear in your RP and make any map claims, using the form, on the #map-request-wing on discord.

While each tile has 5,000 enemies/creatures/recruitable civilians, you can recruit more than that in one tile as long as your average stays around 1,500-2,500 population per tile other than your starting tile. It makes sense that major cities would have more people where more rural areas would have less. It is up to the moderators' discretion to change your population if the average exceeds reasonable totals. The third confirmation word is raider.

The following are examples of how to properly RP taking territory by yourself.
*NOTE* Numbers in the examples reflect old rules. Please use values outside these examples.
In this example, four tiles are taken.

New Franken wrote:Sarnia
A large force of 300 was ordered to Sarnia to meet up with Hegel and the Edson. On the way they cleared out small buildings along old 69. Most of the road was clear with some areas cluttered with pre-war vehicles, however there was enough space for our vehicles to drive through. Upon arriving to Sarnia the whole place was a raider stronghold. Anticipating the occupation the soldiers brought the mortar and howitzer with them. Once scouts located the main structure of the raider's base they opened fire with the howitzer. Raiders started pouring out to stop the shelling. The mortar rained down on them causing even more panic in the undisciplined mob. As they came into range the troops begin firing, hearing the distinctive 'ping' every time the M1 was out of ammo. The raiders had no hope of get into range to even have any effect against the Reichtroopers. As the firing stopped and the dust settled at least 200 raiders lay dead. As the soldiers moved into the town there was a few skirmishes but they manages to either kill or drive out the remaining raiders. Overall 234 raiders were killed. Of our casualties 13 killed 20 wounded. Once the bridges were secured the Edson was called in by signal flare and docked up at the river front.

New Franken wrote:After destroying the radiers and establishing a base and trading post at the river's mouth people came from all around to trade. Many saw the Reich's presence as a sense of security from raiders elsewhere and took up residence nearby electing to be registered and join the Reich. After the road to Port Huron/Sarnia was secured multiple division were sent into the 'Thumb' to secure it for the Reich. It was a prime objective due to expansive farm land to feed the army. There were multiple small farming comunities that quickly submitted to the Reich, some reluctantly others gratefully. Many super mutants, ghouls and raiders were put down, and due to superior training and firepower very few soldiers were killed. The soldiers learned of new settlements at each town they came too eventually making it to old 46. Perhaps the biggest find of them all was multiple Poseidon Energy wind turbines. Just one of these could power all of the Reich Capital, if it could be repaired. Due to the sparse population there was 1173 people added to the Reich. Also those who moved to Sarnia totalled to 207. Total kills were 127 mutants, 354 ghouls, and 279 raiders. Total casualities were 27 dead and 184 wounded.

New Franken wrote:After the divisions in the thumb had been resupplied and reinforced with another division they were given the order to take the more heavily populated tip on the thumb. After hearing of the slaughter of the raider gangs in Flin many raider fled, some joined the Reich and the others waited to fight. Naturally they were no match for the Reichtroopers. As they went from town to town much like before the residence could not resist so submitted. Those who didn't were publicly punished. More wind turbines were discovered as well. When they made it to Port Austin they found it was infested with Mirelurks. As they atempted to secure the town one after another sprang from the ground. After losing 67 men, due to inexperience fighting Mirelurks, most of them were dead. But then a mother of all Mirelurks emerged from the lake just off the shore and charged into the town. She spit poison everywhere and it ate at the flesh of anyone it touched. Her giant mandables piercing right through a man. The soldiers just kept shooting fighting for their lives. When it seemed like it would never go down the bazooka crew that was in a different part of town arrived and with one well placed bazooka shot to the face it gave out a loud cry and plummeted with a loud crash. When the town could be safely explored they found an old Air Force radar surveillance system. Knowing this would be very benificial to the Reich it was disassembled by Reich engineers and brought back to New Franken. In all 103 men were killed and 47 wounded. 4,141 civilians, and 102 radiers were added to the Reich. 2,122 raiders, 147 mutants, 1,498 ghouls and 567 mirelurks were killed.

New Franken wrote:After securing Port Austin it was time to move into the interior of the Thumb. A local told about a Children of Atom stronghold called Sandusky. They warned them not to attack them because of their powerful weapons. When they arrived at the edge of the town a man called Brother Albus met with Oberst Baumann. "Greetings friend," said Brother Albus, "what can the children do for you?" Baumann looked at him with some confusion and said, "who are you people?" "We are the Children of Atom, blessed with his divine glow. We are His children and this is His land." "Then I must speak with this Atom, take me to him." Demanded Baumann. "Atom is not a physical being like you and I He is around us and in us He has given us the glow," explained Albus. "Then who is in charge here?" Asked Baumann. "Why that would be High Confessor Thomas, I will take you to him." They entered the compound and into the High Confessor's chamber. "High Confessor you have a visitor," said Brother Albus. "Thank you brother," said Thomas, "who might you be?" "I am Colonel Wilhelm Braumann of the Great Reich." "Your Reich I've heard of it, you've taken much of this area. Do you come here as friend of Atom or foe?" "We come here to discuss your annexation and surrender the Reich has no place for your religious fantasy," stated Braumann. "We can not abandon Atom's glow!" Said Thomas as he stood, "leave this place do not come back or be prepared for Atom's fire!"
Braumann left Thomas' quarters and on his way out noticed their weapons, gamma guns, fat mans and some funny looking grenades. When he got back to his men be radioed HQ and requested armor support.

New Franken wrote:The next day three Pattons and all 12 of the T-51 power armor suits arrived outside Sandusky. The men wearing them had limited training but we able to handle them well enough. The power armor would be perfect against the gamma guns of the Children of Atom. When it was dusk they attacked the town. The tanks rolled in supporting the power armor troops. They were no match for the Reichtroopers in power armor. In the distance men could be heard screaming as mushroom clouds rose in the sky. As they neared the citadel of the town a whistling was heard and then a loud explosion with a blinding light they got a direct hit on of the of the Pattons utterly decimating it. The other Pattons were able to respond before they got another mini nuke off by collapsing the building with a lucky shot. As they moved into the main building they found the High Confessor who immediately surrendered. Braumann ordered him to publicly renounce Atom and swear loyalty to the Führer or be executed. The remaining Children were rounded up and the High Confessor renounced Atom to the shock of the Children. They managed to capture some equipment, three fat mans were recovered along with a dozen mini nukes and six crates of nuke-grenades totaling 72. In the surrounding area many small comunities of farmers were greatful the Children were gone and a few major ghoul infestations were delt with. On the coast was a raider gang that took several 32 ft Transportable Port Security Boats (TPSB) from local Coast gaurd posts. Braumann was able to defeat them and capture 13 TPSBs, some managed to escape in other boats. In total 76 (63 from CoA 13 from the raiders) were killed nearly the entire battalion suffered radiation burns to varying degrees of severity. 148 Children were killed and another 414 captured and to be sent to integration facilities. 197 raiders, 869 ghouls, 266 muntants, and 12 Deathclaws were killed. The surrounding farmers also joined the Reich totalling 767 and 96 raiders. Braumann sent a communique to the Führer to inform him of their victory in the thumb. Now the Führer would set his eyes on Bay City.

In this example, one tile is taken.

New Franken wrote:In preparation for an attack Hegel was ordered to move the Edson to the mouth of the Saginaw river.

New Franken wrote:Bay City
1,000 men had been prepared for the attack on Bay City lead by Hauptmann Müller. Even though there will be limited resistance the Führer wanted no possible complications. The first phase began with 50 men in the 13 TPSBs traveled up river to secure the bridges and the shipyard area. The second phase began when 400 men moved up the old 75 to secure the west side of the river while 550 men took 13 north on the east side of the river. The west side was relatively clear aside from a few roaming raider gangs, ghouls and mutants. When they made it into the east side proper they moved on the old shopping center Müller had ran across months prior. This time they had support they radioed the Edson for bombardment, the ship began hurling shells from it's 5-inch guns into the mall. After about 40 minutes of shelling the raider leader surrendered. 238 were dead and 634 captured. The raiders, called the Warriors, were essentially overlords to the people on the east side so many came out of their homes celebrating the Reich as liberators. On the east side was another gang, a rival, they called themselves the Wolves. They were held up in an old high school that almost looked like a medieval castle. After the fighting in the streets the west side of the river was secure aside from the area surrounding the school. 100 men were left to guard the prisoners the other 300 met up with the rest of them men. At this point 32 men were killed and 67 were wounded, totaling a force of 801. After realizing there could be up to 2,000 raiders in that school Müller radio for reinforcements. After a few hours Franken had sent 1,000 more men and the T-51s. In the meantime the Edson was hitting their emplacements outside the school, dwindling their numbers. About 134 lay dead before the assault commenced.

New Franken wrote:Bay City
After a few days of starving out the raiders it was finally time to attack. Müller order snipers on nearby roofs to pick of anyone looking out a window. A entery point on the secound floor was selected towards the back of the building. When they enter the raider didn't know they were there so they hurled a few grenades killing everyone in the room. The raiders knew they were there now. As Müller saw the raiders pull some off the main enterence he saw an opportunity so he ordered the charge. The distraction worked. The raiders were forced farther back into the school, some even deserted, jusy to be captured. When the raider leader was killed many of the men surrendered some continued on but where quickly overwhelmed. In total over the entire operation 462 killed and 703 wounded, a very costly battle. In total 122 mutants, 97 ghouls, and 1722 raiders were killed. Also 1689 captured raiders, which were sent to re-education facilities. The Reich was victorius and the locals praised them. In total 11,735 civilians were added to the Reich.

New Franken wrote:As soon as the city was secure the engineers assigned to repairing the old shipyard are called in. With the engineers standing by with the materials from Liberated New Arizona they were able to arrive quickly and begin immediately. In the mean time Hauptmann Müller was recalled to Franken and General Weber would oversee the project. Due to the extra materials, training and available foundation the construction will be done three months (1 week irl) ahead of schedule. (It will finish in three weeks.)

New Franken wrote:After time in the re-education camps 543 raiders vowed loyalty to the Reich while the remaining continued their defiance. Some were killed others used as forced labor.

*NOTE* Again numbers in the examples reflect old rules. Please use values outside these examples.
Between these two roleplays five tiles were taken and 18,557 population was added, averaging 3,711. Under current rules these numbers are halved and would be 9,279, averaging 1,856, well within recommended limits. The more detail and specifics the better. If you have any other questions regarding roleplay please contact a moderator and for quickest and ease of response via discord.
Read dispatch

Want to Repair and Rebuild the wasteland? The Fourth and final step, once you get started you will start producing resources right away. If you haven't already read the Fallout Wasteland Resource and Building Guide here. If you think of something you want to build that isn't listed, like a custom building, ask a moderator, it might even get added to the list.

The Fallout Wasteland Resource and Building Guide

Special thanks to Grand Enclave and New Decandsor for their feedback and assistance in making this guide.

Welcome to The Fallout Wasteland Resource and Building Guide! Let’s cover the basics, this is a tile-based resource system. When a tile claim is approved you will roll a dice in the #resource-depot channel on discord. See the pinned messages for a template. The value rolled will determine the resource the new tile will produce as determined by the loot tables shown below. Each tile will produce one corresponding resource per day. It is possible to increase the yield by building structures on the tile. Second, there are two categories of resources Common and Strategic. Common resources include rations, concrete, and scrap. Strategic resources include coal, steel, aluminum, gold, nuclear material, and scrap electronics. The purpose and function of each part of the system will be explained below.
NOTE: All numbers below are subject to change for balancing purposes.

Tile Types and Resources

There are four different kinds of tiles, Common, Uncommon, Rare, and City tiles. Common tiles only have a chance of yielding common resources. Common resources can be found on all tile types. However, to find Strategic resources a faction must conquer tiles of higher quality. The rarest tile is the City tile. Some tiles, like City tiles, have special rules. To see what resource spawn at what rarities, see the loot tables below.

Check out the Resource Maps linked here.


Special Tile Rules
- Starting tiles produce one of each Common resource on top of the rolled resource, but can only build one tile improvement.
- In addition to the one extra resource the player may chose one resource to have fully improved.
- Custom factions need a detailed backstory to justify starting on or adjacent to a City tile.
- City tiles produce two resources simultaneously.

Custom Tile Rule
If you find a location that exists in real life or the games that would produce a certain resource you can request it produce it without rolling the dice as long as the tile has not already had a resource determined for it. For example, if you find a coal mine, that isn't too old, that tile could be a coal-producing tile. However, all other rules still apply.

Common Resources

Rations: Rations are required to sustain your population. One Rations unit provides for 1,500 people (This number is subject to change). Once a week your people deplete your rations supply. Every seven days, on the day determined by the Regional Calendar, check your ration production/stockpile against your population. If you have more population than you have rations available then people will start dying until the difference breaks even. The population loss is taken from the difference in the population you don’t have rations for. Your Preparedness stat will lower the impact of not having enough rations. It will also allow for free days that the population will not need rations on rations day. Think of it as starting with enough rations. If you are lacking rations when the natural population increase happens you will automatically lose that population. The following spoiler displays the effects of Preparedness on population loss.

10 - 50% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 28 free days.
9 - 55% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 21 free days.
8 - 60% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 21 free days.
7 - 65% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 21 free days.
6 - 70% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 14 free days.
5 - 75% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 14 free days.
4 - 80% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 14 free days.
3 - 85% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 7 free days.
2 - 90% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 7 free days.
1 - 100% of your excess population starves from malnourishment; 7 free days.
(Contents will also be available in the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Guide.)

For example; if it is time to give rations to your people and you have a population of 19,485 but have only 12 points worth of rations stockpiled your excess population is 1,485. If your P stat is 5 you lose 75% of your excess population, in this case, you lose 1,113. Remember always round up.

Scrap: Scrap is a general raw resource that represents a variety of materials; mostly metal and wood.

Concrete: Concrete is necessary to build all tile improvements, buildings, and defensive structures.

Strategic Resources

Uses for Strategic resources are not limited to the suggestions here.

Coal: Coal is needed to power foundries, coal-powered warships, and coal power plants.

Gold: Gold is needed for energy weapons and advanced power armor (Advanced BoS PA+).

Scrap Electronics: Scrap Electronics are needed to produce a variety of vehicles and T-60+ power armor.

Nuclear Material: Needed to make mini-nukes and to repair and maintain nuclear power plants.

Steel: Steel is a very important resource. As it is a high-quality material it is one of two resources that are extremely rare on a city tile and can only be reliably produced by smelting down scrap. Steel is used to produce almost everything.

Aluminum: Aluminum, like Steel, is a high-quality resource that is extremely rare on a city tile and can only be reliably produced by smelting down scrap. Aluminum is used mainly to build aircraft.

Tracking Your Resources

Your resource income is generated daily. I have created a template to make it easier to track it. While this table is minimal it will get you started. Make sure that the final box of your table is [/table]. It may help to note what tile produces what resource and if it has a tile improvement built on it. This can be done easily by using tile numbers on the Resource System Maps.


Resource Income

Resource Expenses
















Scrap Electronics



Neuclear Material









[table][tr][td]Resource[/td][td]Resource Income[/td][td]Resource Expenses[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Scrap Electronics[/td][td]+0/day[/td][td]-0/day[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Neuclear Material[/td][td]+0/day[/td][td]-0/day[/td][/tr]

Basic Structures and Title Improvements

Basic Structures: There are three Basic Structures, the foundry, the factory, and the shipyard. Each comes in four sizes small, medium, large, and super. Basic Structures are also limited by Industrial Capacity (IC). Everything that is produced has an IC score assigned to it. A factory or foundry cannot exceed its Industrial Capacity score. See the spoiler below.

Special Building Rules
- Temporary Industry stat increases do not unlock new buildings; only affects the build time.
- When calculating the impact of your Industry score, always round up.
- Only one building improvement can be built per tile.
- Basic Structures are NOT restricted to tiles.

Foundry: While steel and aluminum can be smelted by hand without a foundry having one decreases the amount of scrap needed to get one steel unit.
Smelting by hand:
4 Scrap = 1 Steel
6 Scrap = 1 Aluminum
Smelting Raw Materials
2 Scrap = 1 Steel (2 Point Capacity)
3 Scrap = 1 Aluminum (2 Point Capacity)

Factory: Factories are essential to supply an army for war. All war materials are created in factories. See the Standard Building Requirements below.

Shipyard : Shipyards are required for building warships and other watercraft.

Standard Building Requirements:
Small: 14 IRL days
Industry ≥ 1
Components: 4 Concrete 6 Steel
Industrial Capacity: 2 Point

Medium: 21 IRL days
Stage 2 Improvements: 7 IRL days
Industry ≥ 4
Components: 6 Concrete 8 Steel
Industrial Capacity: 5 Points

Large: 28 IRL days
Stage 3+ Improvements: 21 IRL days
Industry ≥ 7
Components: 9 Concrete 12 Steel
Industrial Capacity: 12 Points

Super: 84 IRL days
Industry = 10
Components: Super: 27 Concrete 36 Steel
Industrial Capacity: 48 Points


Finding Basic Structures
Finding shipyards and factories in the wasteland will always take less time and resources. To determine the repair time take the standard building time divide by 2, roll a d20 on the discord by using the command !roll d20, increase the time by that amount and then put your Industry stat in. See the example below.

When making a roll please state the reason for rolling and tag a moderator. Make all condition rolls in the #dice-roll-wing channel. Each line of the example must be entered separately.
(For example;
rolling for a medium factory in Richmond @New Franken
!roll d20)

1: Severely damaged +100%
2-4: Heavily damaged +70%
5-15: Moderate damage +50%
16-19: Light damage +30%
20: Minimal damage +10%

For example; engineers want to repair a medium factory with a standard build time divided by 2 equals 10.5 days (21/2=10.5). You roll a 10 on the d20 roll. This increases it by 50%, 10.5+50%=15.75 days. Then you input your Industry stat. Let's say you have an Industry of 7, reducing the time by 20%, 15.75-20%= 12.6 days. In this scenario it would take 13 days to repair this medium factory, rounding all numbers up to the nearest whole number.

Tile Improvements: Tile improvements do not stack output. Improvement stages cannot be skipped. Every tile starts at stage 1 when taken.

Stage 1: Hunting and Scavenging +1 rations/day
Stage 2: Simple Farmstead (4 scrap) +2 rations/day
Stage 3: Advanced Farmstead (8 scrap, 3 steel) +3 rations/day
Stage 4: Automated Farmstead (16 scrap, 6 steel, 6 concrete, 3 scrap electronics) +4 rations/day

Scrap/Concrete/Scrap Electronics:
Stage 1: Scavenging +1 /day
Stage 2: Salvage Teams (6 scrap, 1 steel) +2 /day
Stage 3: Recycling Warehouse (10 scrap, 3 steel, 3 concrete, 2 scrap electronics) +3 /day

Stage 1: Surface Mining +1/day
Stage 2: Shallow Tunnels (6 scrap, 2 steel) +2 gold/day +3 coal/day
Stage 3 Deep Tunnels (10 scrap, 4 steel, 4 concrete) +3 gold/day +5 coal/day

Nuclear Material:
Stage 1: Containment Boxes (6 scrap, 6 concrete) +1/day
Stage 2: Small Containment Center (6 scrap, 10 concrete) +2/day
Stage 3: Large Containment Complex (8 scrap, 2 steel, 12 concrete) +3/day

Steel and Aluminum:
Neither can be upgraded but give a base bonus of +2.

Specialized Buildings
Algae Farms: Agriculture 6 required; Unlocks manufactury of biofuel. Cannot exist in the same tile as regular farms.

Miscellaneous Construction:

Major Roadways/Railways: 2 IRL days per each tile the construction crosses into.

Resource Loot Tables

Below are the loot tables that each tile rarity will be rolled on. Each rarity of resources has its own loot table. When a tile is claimed New Franken will roll the loot table and post it in the #resource-depot channel. If a player rolls a natural 20 (not as a result of a bonus to the roll), the player can choose what resource they want from that table or get one roll from the table one rarity above that. You can either add or subtract your Luck stat to your roll, or not apply it at all.

Common Tiles: Basic and the majority of tiles, includes only common resources.
1-8: Scrap
9-15: Concrete
16-20: Rations

Common Tiles (Located near a freshwater source): Includes a higher chance to get rations.
1-7: Scrap
8-13: Concrete
14-20: Rations

Uncommon Tiles: Unlocks the first strategic resources.
1-8: Scrap
9-14: Coal
15-19: Rations
20: Scrap Electronics

Rare Tiles: Unlocks gold as a strategic resource, scrap electronics are more common here.
1-5: Scrap
6-9: Rations
10-14: Coal
15-19: Scrap Electronics
20: Gold

City Tiles: Special tiles that have exclusive resources.
1-5: Scrap
6-12: Scrap Electronics
13-17: Gold
18-20: Nuclear Material
Natural 20: Steel or Aluminum

Getting Started
Now that you know the rules for our resource system let's get started.
Step 1: Have your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and initial claim reviewed and approved.
Step 2: A Councilor will roll for your additional resource. (See Special Tile Rules)
Step 3: Choose what basic resouce to have the tile improvement maxed out.
Step 4: You are ready to begin. Please be sure to reference this guide any time you have a question.

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Miscellaneous Guides

Check out Liberated New Arizona's Power Armor Guide for all your Power Armor needs!

Starting Power Armor:

Custom Factions with a Science Of 8 Or Higher start out with 2% of their initial Military owning Power Armor.

Power Armor By Science Level:

Science 6: Can Use Power Armor without the Servos such as the NCR Heavy Troopers do. This is Essentially Just Heavy Armor and offers no Bonuses other than Added Protection.

Science 7: Can Use Raider Tier Power Armor.

Science 8: Can Use T-45 Power Armor.

Science 9: Can Use T-51 Power Armor.

Science 10: Can Use X-01 Power Armor.

Faction Specific Power Armor:

T-60: only the east coast Brotherhood Of Steel starts out with this variant Of power armor.

Advanced PA: Only the midwest Bortherhood Of Steel starts out with this variant of power armor.

X-02 Power Armor: Only the Enclave starts out with this variant Of power armor.

Hellfire: Only the Enclave starts out with this variant of power armor.

Tesla: Only the Enclave starts out with this variant of power armor.

Misc Types:

Excavator: No suits of excavator armor exist unless a player finds the plans in their set point in West Virginia and makes it.

Ultracite: No suits of ultracite power armor exist unless a player locates the schematics for them in West Virginia and makes it.

Custom Power Armor:
Custom power armor is power armor that is significantly different from existing power armor types and is not just a cosmetic change. Custom power armor is allowed but must be first approved by mods and still requires your faction to Research and produce these custom suits.

Power Armor Modifications:
Power armor modifications are allowed. Keep in mind though power armor modifications require research, resources and manufacturing. You may not produce modifications that are outside of your scientific expertise. For example a faction with 7 science could not produce jetpacks. If you have questions regarding what scientific level is needed for modifications please ask.

Power Armor Repair and Manufacturing:
Repairing and Manufacturing Power Armor requires resources and industry. The more complex the type of power armor the more resources it requires. If you need assistance determining how many resources it takes to repair or produce a type of power armor please ask.

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Meet the Moderator Team!

The moderator team is seeking new members for its security team. If you'd like to volunteer for the security team or another vacant position please contact the Overseer or Vice-Overseer.

Bold titles are dedicated moderator positions and must be filled by a moderator.
Italicized titles are not dedicated moderator positions and can be filled by anyone.

Office of Overseer:
New Franken
Discord: @Glyan14#5170
It is your job to both assist other mods in their departments as well as supervise the region as a whole and help guide the mod team to succeed.

Office of Vice-Overseer - Department of Internal Affairs:
Grand Enclave
Discord: @Ivanicus Storywalker#4626
It is your job to make sure the RP is running smoothly and that rules are being followed. It is also your job to update the Regions Factbooks with the appropriate defcon level and new songs on the World Factbook entry. The Office of Vice-Overseer answers directly to the Office of Overseer

- Department of Cartography: Currently Shared Posistion
New Franken
Discord: @Glyan14#5170
Grand Enclave
Discord: @Ivanicus Storywalker#4626
It is your job to make sure the map stays up to date with current claims and to review and approve expansion posts. It is also your job to find ways of making the map better. The Department of Cartography is a subsidiary department of the Department of Internal Affairs and is under the direction of the Vice-Overseer. Therefore the head of the department isn't a dedicated moderator position.

Department of Foreign Affairs:

It is your job to make sure that our relations with other Regions stays positive and Productive. You are responsible for seeking out Healthy and Active regions to set up embassies with to promote tourism to our Region. You are also responsible for maintaining these Embassies and Canceling embassies with regions that have been taken over by raiders.

Department of Defense:
Liberated New Arizona
Discord: @Liberated New Arizona#0282
Raiders of Ragnarok
Discord: @ᚠᛂᚿᚱᛁᚱ#7100
It is your job to Make sure the Region is safe and Secure. You Monitor the Region and Discord for Raiders and Trolls and shut them down before they grow. As the Region's player base becomes larger the Execution of this job is Vital. You support other mods in their duties for example helping with the map or making sure that rules are being followed. Please Ask Other departments what help they need. Support roles are extremely vital especially as the region grows and more players join.

- Vault Security:
Americas Enclave Remnants
Discord: Draconian God#4565

Your job is to enforce the rules set by the council both on discord and the region. Any conflicts should be immediately reported to a moderater. Additionally Council members may assign security officers to specific roles in their department.

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