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New Political Parties spring up in Baumpatal

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Baumpatal's Political Parties

New Political Parties


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Baumpatal is already known for having more political parties than most nations. Considering the amount of choice that they have, one might think that this is enough parties to satisfy the Baum Poks. It is not.

During the 2018 federal election, many voters in Baumpatal found themselves "unrepresented" by the existing options. Despite that no new parties could run in this election, as they would not have seats in the house of representatives, many people have decided to form new political parties and run in the upcoming senate election.

The most significant of these new parties are:

Libertarian party - Bagul Kelayaan

The libertarian party of Baumpatal is part of the nation's growing right wing. It is a minarchist party, supporting civil and personal liberties, and a reduction of government authority and involvement in the people's lives. The libertarians believe that the government should only protect the people from aggression, theft, breach of contract and fraud. They wish to create a "Night Watchman State" in Baumpatal. They also wish to legalize homosexuality and give people the right to bear arms .

Baum Pok Party - Bagul Baum Pok

Another right wing party, the Baum Pok party essentially fills the space on the political spectrum between the conservative and green lotus parties. The Baum Pok party asserts that Baumpatal belongs to the ethnic Baum Poks, and that while other groups should not be abused, they "should not be given priority over the native majority". Th Baum Pok party believes that immigration should be heavily restricted, except in the case of "members of the worldwide Baum Pok diaspora returning to the land of their ancestors". They believe in assimilation of immigrants and that classes should only be taught in Pokhudul. The Baum Pok party also wishes to undo legislation that makes Baum Pok the official demonym, and to restrict it only to ethnic Baum Poks. As their leader Thipi Waoratu puts it "Not everyone is lucky enough to be born into the tribe of heaven".

Part of the People - Bagul Maga Tua

The people's party broke off from the socialists, who they consider to be straying away from their roots. The people's party believes that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be strictly regulated by the community as a whole. They are grassroots socialists who do not want to "water down their ideas because not everyone likes them."

Water monitor party - Bagul Dả Agung

The water monitor party is Baumpatal's first and only joke political party. The Water monitor party was inspired by the Canadian Rhinoceros party, another joke party. Its founders were "fed up with idiot politicians pretending to be smart" and screwing over the people their leader is determined to become "the first openly idiotic, but also honest prime minister in Baumpatal". Their promises are quite entertaining. Some of them include:
Use dried cannabis leaves as currency because they are the cannabis plant's "life's work" (see Tahul in ETYMOLOGY factbook), Repeal the law of gravity, Change Kelu Thrakenala's Imperial Promedande into the world’s longest bowling alley, Ban crappy Baumpatalian Dry seasons, Ban guns and butter—both kill, Reform the retail lottery scheme by replacing cash prizes with noble titles, Privatize the King, Tax the black market, to put an end to sober driving, and to not fulfill any of these promises.

Democratic party - Bagul Pasathipatu

The democrats are inspired by the American democrats, and are "socially left wing but fiscally right wing". They want to improve civil rights, but keep the government out of the economy. The Democrats draw on many former progressive and conservative party voters who voted with their respective parties because they wanted social progress and economic freedom, and just settled on one. Now these people have a chance at getting both.