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AA info event

Fellow nations of the Augustin Alliance,

One week has passed since our reopening, and everything is running smoothly. Well... nothing has caught fire yet, anyway. Despite our conflagration-free start, though, we have a problem: many of you have no idea what we are, or why your region abruptly became a member last Friday! Here is your chance to find out.

[b]Tomorrow evening, we will be holding a[/b] [strike]briefing[/strike] [i]no, scratch that...[/i] [strike]information session[/strike] [i]too dusty-sounding...[/i] [b]a party![/b] OK, a really informational party. More of a function, actually. See below for details.

Who: Everyone is invited! This includes non-residents.
What: Your friendly local officials explain how the Augustin Alliance works and what they do, and answer all your questions. Then you can hang out in #casual and abuse the bot until it breaks.
When: Saturday June 2nd, 6PM EDT (tomorrow as of this writing).
Where: The Alliance main server, [url=https://discord.gg/Rs8GjNk][u]located here[/u][/url].
Why: Because we asked nicely? Also, we will [i]never answer these questions again[/i] (I hope).

[b]Looking forward to seeing you all there![/b]
Founder, Augustin Alliance[/i]