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Augustin Alliance Reopens

Augustin Alliance Reopens
AUTHOR: Gibraltarica
LAST UPDATED: Saturday May 26, 2018, 1000 EDT

Nine months ago, the Augustin Alliance entered a period of trial: the organization would be closing for an indeterminate period of time. Our constituent regions were forced to forge their own path in the world, disunified. Our founder, August, plunged into a period of inactivity. However, silence is not death. There has been a great deal of backstage work in this period of dormancy, and we are excited to announce that the Augustin Alliance is open for business once again.

In days past, the constituent regions acted independently of each other. However, we have recognized the need for oversight of certain tasks within the Alliance. Therefore, a Central Strategic Committee will oversee the governments of each region. To be more specific as to how these changes will affect the Alliance:

The Augustin Alliance has been through dreary days, but the winter is over, and we have returned to become the first among regions.