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The Aikrikkine

The Aikrikkine, or the Arikara as they call themselves in their native tongue, are a race of nomadic draconic humanoids. They primarily live in the steppes far to the southeast of Asendavia known as the Land of 1,000 Lakes.

Aikrikkine society largely revolves around the family and the clan. Typically, the head of each family is the oldest male family member. When the head of the family dies, the next oldest male typically becomes the next head. However, in some families, it is the oldest son of the previous head that inherits, and if there is no son, than a brother will inherit, and so on.

The situation regarding the leadership of clans is more complex. Some clans follow the seniority model of succession, some follow the primogeniture model, some elect their leaders from the heads of families, and some even follow a seniority model of succession, but it rotates among families, meaning that when the leader of a clan dies, the next oldest head of a family within that clan will become the leader.

Aikrikkine names include their clan names, family names, and then personal names, in that order. However, for those who don't/no longer belong to a clan, such as the Aikrikkine who migrated to Asendavia, they typically put their family name first and then their personal name.

The Aikrikkine homeland, the steppe known as the Land of 1,000 Lakes, is a mostly flat region of steppe that, while not very suitable for agriculture, is very suitable for a nomadic lifestyle. The lakes in the region teem with fish, allowing for some groups of Aikrikkine to develop a lifestyle primarily centered arouns fishing instead of hunting. These Aikrikkine are typically sedentary, and are usually looked down upon by their nomadic bretheren.

The average Aikrikkine male stands at 7'2" and weighs in at around 257 lbs. Meanwhile, the average Aikrikkine female stands at 6'9" and weighs in at around 221 lbs. Males typically live around 180-200 years, while females typically live around 190-210 years. Also, an average Aikrikkine tail measures in length from 3-5 feet long, with longer tails being viewed upon more favorably.

The Aikrikkine are superior to humans in several aspects, such as a slightly higher intelligence, noticeably higher strength, and they are more resistant to disease than humans. However, the Aikrikkine are inferior to humans in some aspects, such as agility, endurance, and speed.

An Aikrikkine's scales can come in a variety of different colors, such as red, grey, gold, orange, blue, green, white, and black. However, Aikrikkine's lack an array of eye colors, having only black eyes, save for albinos, who have red eyes and white scales.

As of modern day, the Aikrikkine are still divided up into a multitude of nomadic empires, each one vastly differing in size. However, there are a few Aikrikkine nations that are not nomadic. These nations are typically located on the coasts of the lakes in the region. Despite the nomadic lifestyle of the majority of Aikrikkine nations, most nomadic Aikrikkine nations do have a designated spot in their territories where a sedentary lifestyle is practiced. These cities are home to ambassadors, factories, and other buildings and people that would not fit with the nomadic lifestlye of the Aikrikkine. The Aikrikkine also operate numerous trading posts scattered around their territories.

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