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The League | Leadership

The League
Officers of the Republic

Leadership in the Republic of The League is derived from the region's two primary institutions - the Consulate of the Republic and the Council of the Republic. These institutions have different tasks and can delegate authorities to other institutions or individuals/positions depending on the context of the authority. Primary examples of this are the Press Corps, the Defense Administration, and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Chief Consul of the Republic has the same scope of authority as a standard Consul of the Republic but generally acts as a spokesman for the Consulate at large.

A Consul of the Republic has little individual authority, but with the two other Consuls is responsible for presiding over the Council and maintaining judicial integrity and security for the region, as well as any other duties legally delegated.

The Speaker of the Council of the Republic is a legislative officer tasked with encouraging and facilitating improvements in regional legislation.

A Council Delegate is a regional legislator and is additionally responsible for advising the Consulate and any duties delegated to them legally.

The Director of Foreign Affairs directs inter-regional policy, and works with other aspects of the government to manage the Department of Foreign Affairs.

The Director of Defense is responsible for coordinating the departments and activities within the Department of Defense.

The General of the Defense Forces is responsible for managing the Defense Forces to combat threats of the sovereignty or interests of the region.

The Director of the Intelligence Agency is responsible for managing the Intelligence Agency to protect the region and avoid direct conflict or threats.

The Press Chairman is the head government journalist in the region. They manage and act as head editor of the regional newspaper.

The Archivist of the Republic is responsible for documenting information on regional reports and occurences in a technical manner, typically on The League Wiki.