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Message to South Caleblan

President Zylstra's Message to South Caleblanian Leaders. Conducted over PGN (PrarieGovNet).
Map of Prariean advancements in Japan: http://imgur.com/PraKriW
Navy line in sea = Defensive naval blockade
Navy circle = fort
Navy line on land = Defensive land wall
Navy star = Mass Prariean troop ship outside Tokyo harbor
Gold line = Height of Prariean advancement
Hello South Caleblan.

Please, for the own good of your soldiers and ours, STOP sending your troops to the Prariean stronghold of Kitakyushu, and the entire island in general. There is no way you can get in. Nobody is getting onto the island. Period. There is a defensive naval blockade around the perimeter. Prariean jets are patrolling. The highways and railroads are blocked up. The troops that you keep sending in are getting either shot down in the air or destroyed at sea. We have land from the island to the outskirts of Tokyo. There is no way you can get in. You are killing North Prarieans. You are killing even more South Caleblanians. You are killing Sakhalisnks. You are killing Roswaesians. Human rights violations WILL be put upon your nation should you continue. We may even conduct a land invasion on your country. So stop sending your troops into the death trap that is the Kyushu island.
Thank you.