General Assembly Proposals

The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 1,271 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 77 approvals to achieve quorum.

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1 Legal0 Illegal1 Total

146 (McMasterdonia, Aexnidaral, Laharao, Candensia, Dome Artan, Wanarpu, Sedgistan, New Skandenivia, The Chuck, Ashaie, Aynia Moreaux, Spartakoi, Zhonghua Minzhu, Purgistanio, Zentata, Roylaii, United Calanworie, Dead I Jack, Meretica, Ilmarene, Jean Rowe, Danhela, Breadoria, Neos Helios, Qastari, Draconae, Atheris, Beazlend, The Neverlands, Silver-Tree, Depeche Mode To Joy, Scardinius, A Deadly Wasteland, Goldeneye Regi0n, Soviet Socialist Armenia, Dixadoing, Some People on Planet Arcadia, Nouvelle Maison, Spresia, Cantanasia, Kustonia, Comackia, SFR Philippines, Bearded Dragones, Ostrovskiy, Aumeltopia, Smiley Bob, Switzar, Horden, Thembria SSR, Otaku Stratus, New Luciannova, XKrieg, Gran Serenissima, Trash Oasis, Potato-Nation, Savonian Socialists, HaClife, God Junopia, Karteria, Danieldan0, Chanhu-Daro, Hectore, Southern and Northern Caledonia, Vetiaca, Vampiric Hollandia, Fed Dusistan, Sail Nation, The Flyin, Eco-Paris Reformation, Gastononia, Bloing, North Goguryeo, Dildar, Nghymru, United England n Wales, CrossVegas, The Hellespont, Kuruzubek, Potato Valley Region, United Massachusetts, The Greater Low Countries, Pogaria, Foreignaid, Titanic Rising, Charlesdale, St Saratoga, Medoynia, Kvasheim, URSY, New Maxwellia, Omniabstracta, Dollystana, Riocht mor Daraen, Mirkannia, Pure Blooded Whites, Chuck Norris Haters, Skyrim And Nordic Peoples, Infernia, Free Azell, ChinchWayuq, Eriksonia, Seteda, Binnen de Ring, The Regalian Underland, The Fourth Force, Castelo Forte, AMERICA EUROPE AND SOUTH ASIA, San Lumen, Newreath, Dabberwocky, Het Solen, Ten-Towns, These United Socialists, West End, Kowani, Voroslavl, South Krimelski, Mother Bear, Browzantine, Averra, Ndaku, Portuguese Southeast Asia Timor, Geografika, Grand Arch Anor, Afarmania, FORKTASTICSTAN, United Provinces of Atlantica, Mitary, Iribet, MegaCorp Industries, Pharaoh Crystal, People of Phoenix, France Europe, The Age of Utopia, Loush Land, GreatBritannia, Papa Fetter, Imperial Majapahit, Auxorii, Soracana Islands, Federal Republic of Arstotzka, Antarctic SARNZ, Draavida, Yodle, The Staatee)

GenSec Status: LEGAL

Legal (5): Sierra Lyricalia, Sciongrad, Bananaistan, Grays Harbor, Separatist Peoples

Quorum Reached: In Queue