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The Colony of Yetria

“Rusnaigua is superior”

Category: Father Knows Best State
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Regional Influence: Squire

Location: The Red Empire of the Toad



Our miserable loss against Rusnaigua

We had long been trading partners with the prosperous and beautiful nations that is Rusnaigua, but our previous leader was blinded by his lust for power and launched a completely unprovoked attack.
During our battles we committed numerous war crimes, such as targeting hospitals, disguising our soldiers as civilians and even using POWs for slave labour. Never did the Rusnaiquan army stoop to such dept.
While we were committing these horrific acts of villainy a wise and cunning general on their side realized that his expertise was the only hope for Rusnaigua and stepped up to save his nation.
As soon as he took over the scales tipped in Rusnaigua's favor and they won every battle after. During these times almost no soldiers died on their side, but mountains of corpses were built on our.
We were forced to unconditional surrender, but their benevolent leader graciously showed us mercy.
Our paths have been carved out in destiny and we now eternally serve Rusnaigua and their leader.

The Colony of Yetria