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The Federative Dual Monarchy of Wille-Harlia

“Nothing gold can stay.” Emperor William II

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The Great Feudal Revolt

According to Part One of the ancient Epic of Origin written by the celebrated poet Magnus Claribus in 1000 BFEWH, there were seven cities in that faraway place of Juntaland. Wille, Harlia, Dorado, Aquaris, Persepolis, Kut, and Bastogne. All had different governments and religions, only unifying when faced with an outside threat. Wille and Harlia both happened to be republics, and thus usually shared good relations. Petty disputes governed the agendas of all seven cities, with the average citizens usually being feudal serfs to the government. One day, in the city of Persepolis, which was an absolute monarchy, the aforementioned feudal serfs revolted against the monarchy, claiming a republic, but in actuality setting up a totalitarian oligarchy, using the Cheesist (Cheese-Loving Religion, see article "Ancient Cheesism") religion's clergy, whom had dominance over much of the peasant's lives, as leverage to prevent a counter-revolt, creating a so-called "Holy Cheesist Republic", with the oligarchy ruling from the shadows. The timing is murky, but this is believed to happen about 1567 BFEWH. In 1453 BFEWH, 114 years later, a young man with fair hair and a dangerous smirk became a Cheesist priest at the Temple of Cheesus Christ in Persepolis. Meanwhile, in 1500 BFEWH, the cities of Kut, Aquaris, Bastogne, and Persepolis formed the Cheesist Alliance against Wille, Harlia, and Dorado, whom formed the Grand Alliance, starting the Great Juntalandian War (see article "Great Juntalandian War", for in-depth description), which was won by the Grand Alliance, and caused the members of the Cheesist Alliance to incur territorial losses to the victors, with Persepolis losing the most land. The Holy Cheesist Republic's government fell on hard times, particularly due to the public's rage at the loss of a war which should have been an easy win, and the oligarchy's attempts to establish an official atheist, state-worshipping religion, as a replacement to Cheesism, so the public staged yet another revolt.