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The Federative Dual Monarchy of Wille-Harlia

“Nothing gold can stay.” Emperor William II

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Regional Influence: Minnow

Location: 10000 Islands



Introduction to the Empire of Wille-Harlia

The information in this compendium is meant to serve as an introductory document to the Empire of Wille-Harlia, and all information pertaining to it, it's citizens, it's language, and it's culture, it's history, it's geography, it's government and armed forces, it's politics, it's international relations, it's economy, and general information. Dates are notated in BFEWH and AFEWH, Before the Formation of the Empire of Wille-Harlia, and After the Formation of the Empire of Wille-Harlia. It is also intended to celebrate and educate about Wille-Harlia and its unique peoples that form the Wille-Harlian Empire. This document shall be kept current and expanded as needed with the growth of the nation as noted by the archival committee. Further information can be found in the National Archives. Information Requests must be sent to the Archive Clerk via telegram.

-The Archival Committee of the Empire of Wille-Harlia