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The Federative Dual Monarchy of Wille-Harlia

“Nothing gold can stay.” Emperor William II

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Regional Influence: Minnow

Location: 10000 Islands



Overview: The History of Wille-Harlia

In the beginning, in a faraway place, Wille-Harlia was a mere defensive pact between different city-states. Then one of those city-states came under the rule of a brutal tyrant by the name of Magnus the Bloodsoaked. He engaged in a brutal campaign and conquered all of the other cities but two. The city of Wille, and of Harlia. Seeing the battle was lost, the Willeites and Harlians left their cities with just what they could carry. We know not what happened to Magnus the Bloodsoaked and his realm, but we pray it is not pleasant. After crossing a vast wasteland, they arrived in a vast, fertile valley. And here they settled, building numerous cities, intermingling, and becoming one people: the Wille-Harlians. Not wanting to relive the past terrors of brutal dictatorship, the Wille-Harlians established an empire, ruled like a republic, so they could give the people a voice while being able to defend themselves. Now, with our introduction into the world, we hope to help others gain freedom from oppression while not forgetting our roots.