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The People's Republic of West Kronisia

“A Union For All”

Category: Corrupt Dictatorship
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Regional Influence: Powerbroker

Location: Citizens Alliance of Democracy



A quick overview of West Kronisia

West Kronisia is a small nation comprised of 5 of the 15 states that formed Greater Kronisia, the ultra-capitalist empire that preceded West Kronisia. These 5 states were amongst the worst hit during the civil war that tore Greater Kronisia apart, as the WKSA (West Kronisian Socialist Army) fought a war of attrition and guerrilla warfare, which led to many atrocities such as retribution massacres and the torching of many small villages.

The civil war had begun as an attempt to remove the deeply corrupt and amoral government, who put money before their own people, and cracked down on any dissidence with extreme force. The firing squad awaited many political prisoners, with untold numbers of people dying this way. Eventually, the people of the most western states, who had always felt uneasy under the iron fist of the government, could take it no longer. The newly formed WKSA fought back against the national government's heavy handed treatment of it's people, through various hit and run attacks on military installations, ambushing supply convoys, and making life hell for the oppressors in these areas. The WKSA was on the back foot for most of the war, taking heavy losses in every engagement, until other nations in the region lent their support in the forms of both political pressure on Greater Kronisia, and by supplying the WKSA with weaponry with which to fight. Practically overnight the WKSA went from being a backwater insurgency to a full blown army, with the hopes of many a Kronisian backing them. They slowly managed to oust the governmental forces from their homeland, and managed to claim a further state, Ieskara, in a heroic victory over governmental forces in the Battle of Ieskara Airfield, a strategic military base critical to control of the skies over West Kronisia. Following this battle a ceasefire was quickly arranged by the world's Great Powers, and other nations of the World Assembly, as the Greater Kronisian government could no longer afford to fight the war, especially with the monumental losses incurred thus far. However, with the news breaking back in East Kronisia that the war had been lost, the country devolved into serious political infighting and proceeded to splinter into separate states of varying sizes, in a nigh-continuous state of war with each other.

Now, 5 years later, whilst things have stabilised somewhat, East Kronisia is split between 3 other nations; the remnants of the old government hold the original capital, Aelara, and 4 other states, and hold a strong military presence, with a signficant percentage of their budget going into rearmament and refitting existing units. The other 4 of the other 5 states are held by the Kronisian Democratic Autonomous Regions, or KDAR, an alliance of democratic states that have banded together in an attempt to protect their new found political freedom, realizing that their infighting would allow a far worse enemy to win, that being the Remnant Forces. Finally, the last region is that of Ruthenia, a left leaning democratic region separated from the KDAR by Remnant owned regions, it looks to West Kronisia for protection, who have stationed the 11th Mechanized Infantry Division, 3rd Armoured Division and the newly formed 1st Airborne Brigade in the area, both to reassure the local populace that they are safe, and to remind the Remnant Forces that West Kronisia will not tolerate any infringement on freedom ever again.

Ieskara, whilst not part of the original group of states that broke away, stands as the capital of West Kronisia. It stood severely damaged after the civil war, but has been the centre of a major rebuilding project that has taken up a huge proportion of government funding for the last few years.