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RVN to Recieve New Ships by 2015

Vulkaniya Central News

It was decided today by a special vote of the Vulkaniyan Parliament that a portion of this year's budget and trade excess will be used to decommission and replace two vessels of the aging Ost-class battleships, first commissioned in 1956. In accordance with Vulkaniyan law, no new warships may be built save to replace older ships. The Royal Vulkaniyan Navy has a long tradition of exercising every vessel's full potential, but Grand Admiral Novelia said in a statement released yesterday that the vessels "have simply come to the end of their useful careers." The two ships, Ost and Nord, are the last of their class to remain in service, and will be disarmed and retired to the naval yard at Zitadelle der Sturm as per tradition.

The new vessels are to be domestically built modern cruisers. Full details have not been released, but it is known that they will be heavily armed, and that there has been consideration regarding nuclear propulsion. A greatly enlarged and improved version of the Russian Admiral-Gorshkov-class frigate seems to be the most favoured concept. More details on this class as we receive them.