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The Holy Purple Empire of Vhearun

“Uss tangi udossta orbdrin zhal tlu plynnet tir.”

Category: Democratic Socialists
Civil Rights:
Very Good
Political Freedoms:
Below Average

Regional Influence: Nipper

Location: Artificial Solar System



The Empire of Vhearun Factbook (WIP)

The Empire of Vhearun


Motto: “Uss tangi udossta orbdrin zhal tlu plynnet tir.”
One day our mask shall be taken off.


Population: 8,547,360
-Density: 60

Capital:New Erynlyn
Largest City: New Erynlyn (Pop - 43,853)

Official Language: Common (English)

National Language: Drow

Demonym: Vhearunite

- Diety: Lord Vhearun
- High Priest: Valas Tarik
- Divine Advisor: Neer
- General of Armies: Ryldril Fregyhm
- Diplomatic Ambassador: Tarlyn Tarik

Establishment: from Goddess Llothe's Underdark
Independence: 1253 DR (Dalereckoning)

Land Area: 142,456 mile˛
368,960 km˛
Water Area: 73,792km˛
Water 20%:

Highest Point: 6,643 ft
Lowest Point: Sea level

GDP (nominal): $28,289,717,860,191.66
GDP (nominal) per capita: $6,062.95

Human Development Index (NS Version): 58

Currency: Delat

The Empire of Vhearun

Table of Contents

I. Etymology
II. History
i. The Beginning
ii. Insurrection
iii. Civil War
iv. Reformation
III. Geography
IV. Demographics
V: Government
VI. Economy
VII. Military
VIII. Religion
IX. Alliances

The Nation of Vhearun was founded on the basis of an equality between genders and an abolishment of slavery. After thousands of years of oppression, a band of revolutionaries finally overthrew the corrupt government, establishing a new rule that moved from an underground location to the surface of their world.

The Empire of Vhearun is a theocracy ruled by Lord Vhearun, called god of his people, the drow. The drow are an race of elves with generally coal-black skin, white hair, and red eyes that used to reside underground. The government is made up of mostly clergy, with a strong military background given their somewhat recent war with the previous ruling deity of the drow, Llothe, who was Lord Vhearun's mother.

A relatively new nation on the surface, Lord Vhearun is holding to his people's new ideologies, using the advice of his most trusted to form a burgeoning economy along with evolving politics. The Empire of Vhearun's strengths lie in diplomacy, civil rights, social welfare, and education. It's first allies have been privateers, pirates under contract with the Empire of Vhearun to act as a mercenary naval force.

I. Etymology

The name Vhearun has no true meaning, the Empire is simply named for the god of the drow, Vhearun, who liberated them from the tyranny of Llothe's rule.

II. History

i. The Beginning

Corellon with Ellesistrae

It is hard to find the truth of the origins of the drow. Their own telling of it comes from the mouths of priestesses of Llothe. Llothe, the sadistic, insane female that ruled over the drow, made sure that they unquestioningly followed her will. Any infractions, any change from her laws, was met with brutal murder, always sanctioned and given favor. Llothe's favor was a prized concept among the drow, even for Llothe's son.

The true story of the origins of the drow can only be found among the surface, and even then it is not considered polite conversation to speak of it. It is said the god Corellon created the elves, but his wife, Auranshee, had foreseen a different race, venerating her. Her jealousy and hatred was only rivaled by her son's jealousy and hatred for his sister. Corellon did make the race she had foreseen, but Araunshee was beyond any form of reason by that time. Perhaps she always had been.

Using her own son's dark feelings, Auranshee initiated a civil war. The young Vhearun, unaware of his mother's grand scheme, only thought he was helping his father by keeping one of the other elven gods captive. Being so young, it was only logical that the goddess got away from Vhearun. So it was he found himself chained in front of his father's throne. He and his mother were charged with treason and exiled from their home, into a place called the Pits. It was there that Auranshee fell into the waters of the Pit. When she re-emerged, she was insane and called herself Llothe.

Llothe, the Spider Queen

She abused her son and her people, the drow, exiled with her to a place they called the Underdark. It was here Llothe gave her followers the powers of darkness and set up the Houses, revolving their entire society upon matriarchy, the standing of the Houses, and her own favor. Her son, whom she had grown bored of, was sent to a place where he was deprived of all his senses. It was here that he too became as insane as his mother.

When he emerged, he had concocted a false history, calling his mother sister and forgetting about his betrayal of his father altogether. Llothe did not discourage him, in fact, finding delight in his insanity.

Eventually Vhearun wandered away from his mother, exploring the world without a corporeal form. It was this that showed him the dissonance of his mother/sister's rule. Driven by these examples of an equality that was not shown in the Underdark, and by the same jealousy that had gotten him into trouble in the first place, Vhearun began to work against his mother, though always in secret and with deception.

ii. Insurrection
For millennia, Vhearun wandered in a incorporeal form. At first, he merely explored the Demonweb Pits. He found nothing there that interested him, though he took a liking to the abused race of Incubus. Speaking to them, he negotiated their aid swiftly, coming up with an ironclad treaty that allowed him to call on them when needed and afforded them some protection from the succubus who used them as breeding animals.

Within a couple years, he had established a form of government, one in which he was the ultimate head, and moved them secretly to a new location. After finding he enjoyed his new talent with political manipulation, he turned to other forms of entertainment.

2) Interaction with drow deities.
3) Interaction with surface deities.
4) Boredom and a turn towards mortals.
5) Interest in drow for twisted reasons.

What drow were like before can be found Linkhere. This is only the history of drow, however, and does not accurately reflect them at the present time.

iii. Civil War
Blah, blah, blah here.

iv. Reformation
[...]Eyes wide, Vhearun let out a scream both psychic and audible, wings stretching out until they looked like they would flee from his body. Both wings and his hair suddenly went gray and then black in an instant. They went red in color before switching through colors so rapidly it made the watching drow who hadn't fainted from the scream that had pierced their minds dizzy.

He crashed to his knees, hands fist into his hair as his nails scratching madly at his scalp. The memories came flooding back, slow enough, so agonizingly slow, that he could mark each one, but so fast he was left on the ground, whimpering, panting as his body shook.

Llothe. It began and ended with her. Not Llothe though, Araushnee. His beautiful mother Araushnee. Elven.... He was elven.... He was the son of Araushnee and Corellon...goddess and god of elves....

It was his mother - Llothe! - Araushnee, who had fostered his jealousy of his sister. Eilistraee.... He had hated her with a passion.... Always the good one, always father's favorite. She was his precious little girl...and he was always second.... His mother had known. She had played him so well. He was only a kid...only a child when she had begun her play for power, using him. Always using him.

He loved it when she used him....


"Daddy needs a vacation," Araushnee spoke in a beautiful voice, dulcet tones washing over his ears. His hair and wings, they changed color to a rosy pink, all pleased and excited that he would be included in these plans.

He was so young!

Eager to please, eager to be the favored child in his father's eyes, Vhearun had nodded. "We'll give him one then! What do you want me to do, mommy?"

"You play your tricks so well. I only need you to play them on one person...."


So he had played his tricks, his special little prank on Sehanine. He had trapped her, kept her away while his mommy made sure his daddy got his vacation. That was his only job.

He had failed.

Sehanine had escaped and ran to tell Corellon. He did not understand why they were in so much trouble. He did not understand the chaos and war he saw all around him, the bodies of dark-skinned and light-skinned elves. He certainly didn't understand why he and his mother were trussed up so, though he was less-so than his mother.

His father had looked so mad. Everyone had looked mad, but he was used to that. He played pranks all the time. People got over it. Father always made him apologize, but he was never really punished.

Then she was there, his sister, and his eyes had narrowed hatefully. He'd been happy to tell father why he'd done it. Because of Eilistraee he'd done it all. She was so perfect and lovely, wasn't she? She was so favored, so much better than him. He was better! He was the best!

There had been silence. He'd remembered that silence as he'd looked to his father, eyes wide and confused. Why did his father look sad? What did it mean when his face hardened like that, his lips tightening?

Vhearun was still uncomprehending. Even as his father pronounced his and his mother's banishment from their home, he didn't understand. Daddy was just mad. He got mad sometimes, and he'd do something to punish Vhearun, but it never lasted. Vhearun would smile or do something to make his father laugh, and everything would be okay again.

He didn't really remember the trip. His mother had been silent though, beautiful face marred with the tears she'd cry, pleading to her husband. Vhearun just didn't understand it....

Instead, he stayed by his mother's side as they went someplace cold and dark. He stayed by her side and when she slipped and fell into a strange river, he tried to save her. The current took her under, but he kept up, reaching to grasp her...even though after a bit, she didn't reach back.

When she finally freed herself from that strange not-water, she was not his mother anymore.

She was Llothe.

Still he didn't understand the change because he'd never seen madness before. When she turned that madness on him, he was only hurt but so confused. The things she did...for months.... He just couldn't get away. She wouldn't let him...and she was his mother.

She loved him.

She tired of him quickly, for a goddess. She found a place, a place that she called her own, the beginnings of what would be The Pits, and tossed him inside. Frightened and alone, Vhearun had set in that dark place. He could hear nothing, see nothing, smell nothing, feel nothing.

He could not even hear himself weep.

Father would come for him. Father would forgive him. He always did.

Corellon never came.

It was here, in this dark place, that Vhearun realized what he'd done. He realized what it all meant. He had...betrayed his father. His mother had tried to kill his father. She'd made an army of the black-skinned elves and sought to take his father's power and life from him.

And he had helped.

He'd held captive a elven goddess. She'd even been hurt when she'd managed to escape. He'd done it all for jealousy of his own sister. He remembered his father's words now. That he hoped one day he would put aside his jealousy for his sister....

His father was not coming for him.... He had betrayed him. His father...his father hated him.

And Vhearun's mind broke.

Now the fragments, the pieces of his memories he had concocted to protect himself, his fragile psyche, were tumbling through his mind like broken glass, shredding at his sanity...what little he had left.

Vhearun lay crumpled on the ground...and wept.

((His history is taken from and a book, [Evermeet: Island of Elves by Elaine Cunningham]. [My friend, who roleplayed Corellon,] and I plotted [in 2009] how Vhearun had come to what he is now. This is what we came up with as his reasoning for why he betrayed Corellon.))

Source: LinkThis post in the freeform roleplay of LinkD00m

III. Geography

Map of the Empire

Temperate except for arid desert region. (Put a lot more here.)

Geographical Characteristics

IV. Demographics

8,547,360 total
5,128,416 drow
2,226,314 human
1,196,630 other

Life Expectancy at Birth
300 years of age during wartime and in the Underdark. Can live for 1000 years otherwise.

Worshippers of Vhearun, Selvetarm, Ellesistrae encouraged. Worship of any god/concept that goes against Vhearun and his tenets is strictly forbidden.

Drow, Common (human dialects), Underdark Sign Language, other forms of Sign Language.

Very high and getting higher.

VI. Government

The city of New Erynlyn

Country Name

Government Type
Theocratic Triumvirate

Capital Cities
Erynlyn, New Erynlyn

Major Cities
Delmah, Sel

National Holiday
Sel Drathir - Every new moon, a three day festival is held with a hunt and sacrifice at the end.

Administrative Divisions

Date of Independence or Founding
1253 DR


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Privateer ship


Available Manpower

Percentage of Total Population



Technological Level


Background and Origins
Key Beliefs
Holy Days and Observances
Language and Communication
Family and Marriage
Death and the Afterlife
Other Religions


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