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What you might have just heard a few moments ago, the blaring sirens, was the Emergency Alert System. Perhaps you might have heard it a few times during a severe weather event like a tornado. But something we don't normally think about is how they were originally designed for a nuclear attack, with automated announcements on the airwaves calling for people to seek shelter.

It was the year 1985, the headwinds of change blew turbulently.

What once proliferated the four continents of our globe was the miasma of [Elitism]. Cruel in its indiscriminate destructiveness like the creeping gas of chemical warfare, global elites ordered brother against brother to quarrel over nationalism, race, and religion. A world divided was split into well-established spheres of interest, as superpowers competed over strategic points of interest in an imperialistic game of generals. Consistently failing to deliver meaningful change yet equal in its tenacity to an ever-adaptive strain of bacteria, both the totalitarian [Nikonites] and democratic [Laissez-Faireist] stubbornly resisted the internal pressures of change. With up to three million around the world dying annually to preventable causes, increasing work hours, financial safety nets gutted whenever applicable, and increasingly austere work conditions; the welfare of the people slowly corroded under [Realism].

Then there came a point where enough was enough. As repeated throughout the clockwork history it was the ones who struggled who first removed their blindfold, having witnessed the reality of their situation for its ugliness and destitution. This awakening, known as [Class Consciousness], spawned novel and radical ideas. Envisioning the utopian allure of the [Post-Elitist] world. What was at first merely pipedreams of a jailed spirit matured into [Revolutionary Theory]; for he who is immersed within this collective dream can no longer return to a life of insubordination, blind obedience. Faceless workers would network, ideas were disseminated through free and voluntary association. Over the course of not one, nor two, but multiple decades did entire generations become conscious of their own accord. This development would not go unnoticed and the clique of freedom known as [Revolutionary Jeijing] seized every opportunity to spread the message throughout the trade winds. This rallying call demands that the Old World Order be toppled like a radio mast with its wires cut. Few answered the call, these audacious and brave ones; those who were so free that their very existence was an act of rebellion. They occupied [Pyeon Avenue], a general strike that paralyzed a nation. A disturbance in the harmonious hegemony could not go unanswered nor was it ever affordable, so it was met by tribulations. The armies of the oppressors were summoned by martial law, and the kings and presidents ordered soldiers to open fire on these free peoples.

The journey toward freedom was an arduous one. Even while the forces of capital ravaged the continent of Orienisia and it seemed that elitism pervaded all levels of life, the need to defy the oppressive gravity of elitism was urgent. A Divine Emperor gasped with genuine fear as hundreds of thousands became millions. Inspired by the victorious Jeijingian revolution of '55 just thirty years prior, whose roots lie within the political destabilization and violent reunification of the northeastern Eckhardt nation, the [Koriyan Revolution] gained traction for similar reasons. In turn, the situation grew dire at the divine imperial court. The Proletariat, men and women alike exploited for the fruits of their toil and sweat fought for their dream, for the livelihood of their children. The corrupt and paranoid [Holy Hanguk Dynasty] did not last against the Revolutionary fervor spearheaded by [First Comrade Yi Jihye], through her organization and strong leadership a War Council of skilled officers would develop. With every successive victory over competing factions, freedom fighters from all over the continent joined forces with the insurrection, and then United Popular Front finally prevailed. Erudia was now one step towards the emancipation of all its people, the liberation of a peculiar people called [Koriyans] was but a crucial stepping stone across the lake. The [Koriyan Socialist Republic] was synthesized by the class struggle of the Koriyans, as with the Jeijinese of the Jeijing Revolutionary state. It was then stipulated in the 1984 Conference for World Peace Accords that the [Syndicate of Socialism Worldwide] would be formed as an alliance of international solidarity and more importantly, a mutual guarantee of independence.

Nikonites, Laissez-Fairiest and their tin-pot sycophants found these developments impossible to digest, and since they refused to sit idly by while the SynSoc Bloc prospered, driven by reactionary fear it would be President Federovdsta of Bhatkhalia who would be the first to respond. It was Laissez-Fairiest thought that brought those within Bhatkhalia's sphere of influence into a coalition of common interests; forming the [Mutual Defense Coalition] and imposing [Federovdsta's Curtain] upon the world. Laissez-Fairiest rats cowered away behind the confines of their wall while elsewhere, the psychotic terror inherent to a Nikonite's depraved soul unleashed upon the land an unprecedented travesty. Dazzled by megalomaniac delusions of grandeur, Emperor Kironiko was a special breed of autocrat, one who sought out to inflict punitive justice upon the cities of the Syndicate of Socialism Worldwide through the eugenic cleansing potential of [Biowarfare]. The Erudian world's failure to formalize a supranational institution that could help prevent future conflicts between nations despite having suffered two world wars would spawn the lovechild of Kironiko's callousness; [Third War of Armageddon]. It was the most consequential event in Erudian history, the culmination of the Nikonite's mad dream of cleansing Erudia of its inferior ilk irrespective of mutually assured destruction. It is also noted for being the first world war fought primarily by cross-border factions that wielded the influence of superpowers instead of individual nation-states, being fought between opposing groups claiming to be the legitimate government across multiple theatres. While the world would lay on its side as a rotting cadaver, the Mutual Aid Coalition would launch missile attacks against the constituent nations of Syndicate of Socialism Worldwide, prompting retaliatory strikes. Thousands of bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles would be exchanged with several being in the multi-megaton range resulting in city-killer events and immediate fatalities in the tens of millions. All it took was for one radical leader to make the offensive strike which ignited a chain reaction that ended in mass destruction as Juwan was in possession of the [Prion Strain]— a biological weapon capable of selectively targeting specific genetic codes and DNA sequences— invented by bioengineer [Yoshi Mimika] at Syncretic Evolution Incorporated. Mimika's innocent dream of patenting and profiting off the commercialization of genetic manipulation and human genome enhancement was co-opted by the government under the Emperor's royal decree. After the immediate attacks, conventional armies were mobilized into offensive positions, Laissez-Fairiest backed forces are present alongside Nikonite armies as the Mutual Aid Coalition launch a land invasion of the Orienisian continent. Over the course of four long years, pro-SynSoc, pro-M.A.C, and smaller independent factions muster over 3000 divisions worth of troops in total, many of these troops are enhanced by narcotics in some manner as to improve battlefield effectiveness, though ground soldiers are still rapidly depleted in the large-scale, high-intensity battles. These battles often involve the exchange of chemical gases and artificially-engineered viruses that are unleashed on civilian populations as well as the armies of other countries.

All of this wanton destruction culminated in the ratification of the [Kighloss Treaty], putting an end to the bloodshed. In the aftermath there was little in the way to major urban infrastructure left to defend, over 600 million lay dead, rural areas and remote government bunkers would be the last vestiges of human civilization while warlords compete over remaining resources and tyrants like Rieg carry out further atrocities against war-weary populations. Neither technologies of war nor political compromises could hope to undo the lasting anthropogenic damage inflicted upon humanity and the ecology at large, setting humanity back culturally into an era of [Post-Atomic Horror] marked by disease, famine, and other ills amidst the collapse of national governments. Those who didn't instantly die would suffer radiation poisoning from fallout plumes, stretching for hundreds of kilometers, the symptoms of which could include nausea and vomiting, spontaneous bleeding, diarrhea, and severely burnt skin that may peel off. Dying was a process ranging from several hours to several weeks, though many blast victims may not feel anything due to burned nerve endings. Upwards to about 50% of all survivors would die from cancer later on in their life as a consequence of radiation exposure, further compounded by the depletion of the ozone layer over many regions, allowing for higher intensities of ultraviolet radiation to damage ecosystems. Hundreds of millions of tonnes of soot and ash are ejected throughout the stratosphere by burning cities and forest wildfires for several weeks, it lowered global temperatures by 5 degrees celsius and started a miniature ice age that would put the entire human race at risk of starvation. The winter especially affects crops, other necessities for comfortable human life and reduces global precipitation by up to 45%. Nation-states during the Post-Atomic Horror, affected by calamity after calamity, would effectively cease to exist on a functional level. There is the breakdown of civil society and the vacuum of power left behind by collapsed national governments are usurped by corporations, anarchy collectives, terrorist factions, and overt Fascists in a desperate bid to avoid total ruin. Even a decade after the Post-Atomic Horror, the environment remained badly damaged and slow radiation exposure would continue to cause high rates of cancer in the surviving humans. The denial of human rights was prominent, certain tyrants such as [Major Colonel Rieg Bolhe] openly advocate for the euthanization of radiation-stricken people by framing such genocide as a "rejecting the impure and casting it out". This line of thought would spell a death sentence for millions of people, and the alternative for most was near-complete barbarism. The new legal systems of the immediate post-war governments are characterized by martial law, criminals are guilty until proven innocent, and judges hand down summary executions. Many regions around Erudia would remain in a state of chaos until the beginning of the All-Unionist era, with such chaos entailing gang rule over regions such as by drug-addled mercenaries who had fought on the side of the Mutual Aid Coalition during Armageddon War III.

Against all odds, scientific advancement within isolated science cities would continue on, marked by an unexpected breakthrough in nuclear fusion reactor technology by the Guantzunese physicist [Zen Taiping] in 1997. Yet suffering would continue for decades all around the globe. Erudia's transition towards an interstellar egalitarian collective was a slow and painful one plagued by continuous resource skirmishes, genocidal totalitarianism, and overall bleakness in society. Humankind would have its collective feet dangled over the mouth of an active volcano as the worst of these conditions would last for half a century. By then it had become common practice for communities to escape their miserable existences by believing in superstition and miracles. Eventually, the savior would discover us in our darkest hour, She who would go by the name [Yan], our exalted Divine Secretary. With the help of Yan, eventually, the whole of Erudia united itself and forged a new outlook on life in the centuries that followed. The [All-Union] began on the Orienisian continent where Her profound teachings were first accepted and practised. From there the accolades of [All-Unionism] would spread throughout the globe, being a road map to prosperity and unity. By following its instructions and theory, humankind avoided its greatest regression. All-Unionism accelerated mankind down the road of recovery at such great speed as to produce a sonic boom unlike any other revolution preceding it, the ground-shaking might of the people would finally discard [Elitism] into the dustbin of history.

The [Twenty-Year Resurrection Plan of a Continent] and the [Socialization of Society], being the first central plans of their kind in terms of scale and complexity, would blow away the post-atomic duress that plagued the Erudian Proletariat. These plans brought the people closer together under the black-red banner and a sonorous cause that [All-Unionist] society stood for. The Divine Secretary prophetically stipulated that the globe was going to be no longer divided by warring tribes and nations. Nation after nation in the east, across Aconcangua, Eckhardt, and the Shuruia subcontinent voluntarily ceded their sovereignty to confide within the [All-Union]. Autocratic rogue states such as the Bolheist One State would be crushed and lawless mercenary patrolled territories have their peoples liberated from capitalist exploitation through a series of post-war conflicts known as the [Unification Wars of Erudia]. For the first time in its history as a species, humankind under the sublime guidance of Yan could utilize its birthright to its fullest. World-wars were at an end, cutthroat competition matured into social welfare, the spirit was freed from its cell to pursue creativity unabated. The children of the post-Yan generations were the ones to inherit our wrecked Erudia, they would resettle and decontaminate the land. Caches of stockpiled medical equipment, seeds, fertilizer, carbon capture, radioactive particle capture devices, etc were uncovered and it took them decades more of planning to erase the damage Armageddon had inflicted. While the scars of biological and nuclear war ran deep, archives of technology and philosophy were the key to preventing centuries of a dark age.

Within the same period, economics worldwide saw a similarly radical transformation. The volume of production was slashed and a prevalence of automation within every industry reduced the importance of human labor, working hours fell drastically. Humanity was finally allowed to manifest a full development of every individual in lieu of unprecedented free time. To avoid laziness and stagnation, the people engage in the arts, the sciences, philosophy, and sports, developing themselves freely after being liberated from the strictures of wage labor and the profit motive. This liberation begat a renaissance of creativity as cultural and scientific revolutions transmogrified the human experience, transfiguring the records of knowledge. Erudia was making a recovery from the calamities of capital through a radical transformation of the human relationship with nature and accelerating technological progress, thus leading to humanity training their eyes outwards beyond its cradle, preparing to spread the [Torch of Revolution] throughout the stars.