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The Military State of Tyramon

“None are above the Council.”

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: Cape of Good Hope



Sorcerer Maven

Tyramon wrote:
Sorcerer Maven, aka the Sorcerer of Magic

Maven was born 2270 years ago as the son of a witch and wizard. He was then taken to study with the wizards, where he showed great promise. He was a star student and a favorite among his teachers. By the time he finished his apprenticeship, he was already more powerful and knowledgeable than his master. He went on to rise among the ranks of wizards to become the Wizard Supreme. Throughout his career, he expressed his desire to expand the community and power of the wizards and to unite the wizards and witches. His movement gained traction, and it soon came to light that Maven had achieved the status of Sorcerer. As it almost always did, this antagonized him, and opposition groups began to grow more rapidly and plan to destroy Maven. War resulted, but it soon became clear that Maven was exceptionally powerful, even for a Sorcerer. He achieved the unique ability to absorb the magical power from other wizards and witches, allowing him to continually grow his own power. As such, Maven won the war easily. However, the witches took notice and began to move against him as well. Initially, Maven's power only continued to grow, and it seemed that nothing could stop him. However, he was eventually defeated with the help of the newly ascended Sorcerer of Life (sometimes referred to as "the Good Sorcerer"); this was the only instance in history when two Sorcerers existed simultaneously. The remaining witches and wizards helped the Sorcerer of Life to bind Maven. However, in order to do so, the Sorcerer of Life was forced to bind themselves as well so as to trap the immense power of Maven. The binding orb that resulted was unique in its large size, internal structure, and material composition. Due to the immense power of Maven, a great effort was undertaken to hide him, and he was ultimately sent to the moon of Augusta, where he and the Sorcerer of Life remain to this day.