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The Military State of Tyramon

“None are above the Council.”

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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: Cape of Good Hope



The Fort Domination Address

Eveline looked out across the gathered people.
"Many of you - most of you - probably don't know who I am. I am Princess Eveline, daughter of the Royal Emperor. The fighting that has been occurring around the nation has been building up to the moment when the Royal Emperor is no longer in charge."
There was a brief pause.
"He is no longer in charge. For the time being, I am in charge, but unlike my father, I do not intend to hold that position for life. As the nation restabilizes, I will work tirelessly to establish a strong, democratic government - a government where you, the people of Tyramon, hold the power, shared between you, and your neighbor, and all citizens far and wide. There will be a lot of change in days to come. Until now, you have known almost nothing of the actions of the government. That will change. Until now, you have - all of you, and even I - been slaves by another name, slaves to the will of the Royal Emperor. That will change. Until now, the government has forsaken the people, extracting was resources it could and then leaving you to die in the streets. That will change."
Eveline took a deep breath before continuing.
"In days to come, you shall see the resources you gave to the government used to help you, the people, rather than to glorify the Royal Emperor - a man, not a god. You shall see the military change from oppressors to peacekeepers, soldiers not of glory but of justice. You shall see the river run with water clean enough to drink. You shall see yourself as a valued member of society, determining your own fate."
Eveline paused and took another deep breath.
"I know that many of you will be hesitant to accept a woman as your leader. But, while I may have the frail and feeble body of a woman, I assure you, I have the heart and the stomach of a king."