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National Flag

The Military State of Tyramon

“None are above the Council.”

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: Cape of Good Hope



Cast of Characters

Royal Emperor Vladus Impalus - the ruler of Tyramon, whose armies united Tyramon into a modern nation decades ago
President Vangs - loyal to the throne, the top and most powerful noble in Tyramon
Lord Votmir - one of the top nobles in Tyramon, Minister of Uranium(? or was it weapons/manufacturing, wip)
Ambassador Forka - a Tyramonian ambassador; in Tyramon
Ambassador Tefa - a Tyramonian ambassador; with the Royal Emperor

Ivan Lemin (x) - the Royal Emperor's firstborn (of those still alive), died after leading a rebellion against his father
General Hannibal - one of the top seven generals and a member of the Council of Hood
General Omar - one of the top seven generals and a member of the Council of Hood
General Muham (old NAP cave, with 50 men) - one of the top seven generals and a member of the Council of Hood
Corporal Major Sven (nicknamed "Stone-Heart Sven") (credit to Aerlanica)
Major General Fara - in command of Zakar; father of Ophelia (credit to Aerlanica)

Princess Eveline "Evie" - only full sibling of Lemin; aims to make Tyramon a democracy

Echo - Vara's viper wolf
Henrin Kenneth - an old friend of Vara's

Talide family - the Tyramonian noble family that Witta served for many years, until the family died

Agent Jones - a Dark Suit

Prince Vicar Impalus

Miss Witta - an old witch
Apprentice Corali - Witta's second apprentice
Witch Caramelioneta Te'bira D'silla - a VERY old witch who was assigned to keep records for the witches; has no master
Sorcerer Delegata - Sorcerer of Mind
Witch Carmelia - a young witch who aims to increase the population of the witches
Witch Gatraka - the witch primarily responsible for everything bad that happened to Delegata, including having Delegata sealed away in her orb and buried two thousand years ago; is among the select witches to be buried

Sorcerer of Light
Sorcerer Maven - Sorcerer of Magic
Sorcerer of Life

Servant Girl

"The Commander"