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The Military State of Tyramon

“None are above the Council.”

Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: Cape of Good Hope



Named Locations

Controlled by...
-Council of Hood
-The Royal Emperor
-The Du Pou (including the Don Feron)
-Vara, Eveline, Aerlanica, or other allies

Tyramon Proper - Cities

Fort Domination - capital city
(Port) Zakar / "Docktown" - the biggest port city in Tyramon; had PLAT rebels
Zefer / "Crude Town" - had PLAT rebels; petroleum refinery
Ponto / "Mine Town" - had PLAT rebels; iron mine
Gafagar / "Portville" - had PLAT rebels; port city

Tyramon Proper - Key Locations

The Palace - seat of government, located in Fort Domination
Valley of Fire - weapons testing range
Fallen Empress' Keep / Fort Parla - Vara's secret hideout (once again, credit to Aerlanica for the name "Fallen Empress' Keep")

Tyramon wrote:description

Vara's bar in Fort Domination - a black market store and bar in one, selling smuggled goods
the Pipelines - an area of old oil pipelines and an oil refinery that had been bombed out before the unification of Tyramon, now also the site of a People's Liberation Army of Tyramon military base
Lemin's hideout - WIP
Iblion's Citadel - the celestial Iblion set up a citadel in the mountains near Fort Domination
Witch's Cave - the holiest place for witches; site of the Witch's Tree, Pond of Life, and many other important witch artifacts
Dandcar Mountains - some mountains in the northeast of Tyramon

Eclipse Base - home of the Armada of the Tide, to which the Royal Emperor fled following Eveline's Rebellion; a rocky and sandy planet with little local life; has large land masses and some oceans and a few rivers; roughly 40% of the planet is covered in water; in the land masses, temperatures skyrocket during the day to 40 C in the day and plunge to -15 C in the night; temperatures near water are much more temperate and constant, but a bit warm
Ekaran Station - second base of the Armada of the Tide and home base for the First Tyramonian-Primaeri Fleet
Du Pou - planet of the orange strangers that saved the Aerlanican settlers from New Grendel
Don Feron - planet of the enemy of the orange strangers
Pnoto - another planet (no idea what; I just had a cool name idea)
New Grendel - planet where pretty much everything is poisonous and Aerlanicans settled and nearly all died before a few were rescued by the Du Pou people
New Hartia - a fertile world where some Aerlanicans continue to persist despite rampant crop diseases
some cold mountainous lifeless planet - cold, mountainous, rocky, lifeless planet rich in metal ores and snow but not much else; Aerlanican settlers all froze/starved to death

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