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The Military State of Tyramon

“None are above the Council.”

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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: Cape of Good Hope



Council of Hoods - The Royal Emperor's Conditional Return

The decision to allow the Royal Emperor to return was made by an agreement of the high Generals of Tyramon, who have formed a council, the Council of Hoods. They appointed - and anointed - a Speaker of the Council as the official voice of the Council. The Speaker speaks for and with the Council and directs meetings, but is not actually a member of the Council.

Conditions for the Royal Emperor's return:
1)the Royal Emperor recognizes the Council of Hoods as legitimate
2)the Royal Emperor takes no action to impede or influence the Council's decisions, statements, or actions
3)any punishment on any member of the Council of Hoods must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote by the Council
4)the Royal Emperor's choice of heir must be approved by a simple majority vote by the Council
5)the Speaker of the Council shall be the one to crown the Royal Emperor
6)the Council will conduct its own affairs, including choosing its Speaker of the Council as it sees fit
7)in response to any actions that the Council finds significantly damaging to Tyramon, the Council may, by a two-thirds vote, install a temporary acting Emperor - chosen by the Council - for as long as it sees fit.

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