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The Military State of Tyramon

“None are above the Council.”

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Regional Influence: Shoeshiner

Location: Cape of Good Hope



Creatures and Animals of Tyramon

Tyramonian Viper Wolf
Tyramon wrote:It resembled something between a german shepard and a wolf, but was slightly more muscular, with mixes of reddish-brown, black, and even a bit of very dark navy blue fur. It lay very still in the cage. It was a Tyramonian viper wolf, also commonly known as a Tyramonian hellhound. They were named viper wolves for the small, snake-like retractable venomous fangs located directly behind the front teeth. The venom was a powerful paralytic neurotoxin and the basis for many Tyramonian chemical weapons.

Viper wolves are common throughout Tyramon, and fur colors vary slightly to match the surroundings along with other slight differences between the breeds based on environment. They can be quite dangerous to travelers or even people in cities.

Viper wolves are pack hunters and are the largest remaining land predator. Packs used to be quite large, but as large game was diminished by wars and weapons tests, packs split up into smaller units. These smaller packs now generally consist of 1-5 vipers wolves. Viper wolves are quite intelligent.

Viper wolves' genders are not constant; each viper wolf has both male and female reproductive parts. In mating rituals, any two viper wolves fight each other. If both survive, the winner - taking the male role - fertilizes the loser - who takes the female role. The male will then hunt for food while the female protects and teaches offspring. Once offspring are grown, they may stay with their parents or leave.

Viper wolves were domesticated by Tyramonians, mainly for use in military or security roles. They are highly trainable.

Dandcarian Shrieking Parrot
Once native to the Dandcar Mountains of Tyramon, the Dandcarian shrieking parrot is now only known to exist in captivity. It is best known for its beauty of sight and horror of sound. From a distance, one can observe beautifully colored feathers. However, if approached, the parrot will shriek very loudly and become aggressive, attacking victims with sharp talons.

The Shrieking Parrot is also known for its magical properties. Feathers are the most common magical use in various potions, ceremonies, etc., but other parts of its anatomy also have magical qualities. For example, being exposed to the shriek for six or more hours at a time will cause a subject to go insane, but such an event is rare in the wild, as the bird will either have escaped or killed the victim before the victim can go insane. Insanity is a common result of mishandling a captive shrieking parrot.

Tyramon wrote:original description snip

Desires are magical creatures created by Sorcerer Delegata. They were originally created before her defeat two thousand years ago, but such early models were never actually deployed, and all prototypes were destroyed.

Desires are given a target to hunt. When they find their target, they read the target's mind to find what their deepest desire is. Then, Desires take on the appearance and some qualities of the deepest desire to attract the target. If the deepest desire is a person, the Desire will take on the appearance of that person and act, look, sound, etc. the way the target most wants. If the deepest desire is an object, they may form into that object or into a person having something that looks like that object. More abstract concepts vary, e.g., people desiring power will be met with someone/something offering power.

Once the Desires have attracted their targets, the Desire will do what Delegata instructed. It may poison them with its venomous fangs, causing them to fall slowly into blissful unawareness, calming them and dulling their senses, cognition, judgement, and awareness of time passing. It may kill them, lure them to a trap, trick them into revealing information, etc.

When they have no target or have not yet detected the deepest desire of their target, Desires will be in their default, true form*. Their true form is that of an average human, but with no detail. Their skin is a pure, translucent white. They wear no clothes but also have no private parts. They are completely hairless, have no fingernails or toenails, no ears, no nose, no mouth, no orifices of any kind. They are like a person that was covered in wax or paint - smooth and featureless. Their eyes are hollow sockets covered in skin. However, they still have slightly-above-average sight and hearing. Their blood is pale blue in all forms, the mark of Delegata. The blood in their blood vessels is the only bit of color that their true form has, albeit a bit more thanks to the translucent skin.

When seeking out their target, Desires may also take on the appearance of the desire of those who get in their way. Their skin ripples when they shapeshift.

Creating a Desire requires a human as an ingredient.

*they are affected by true-form potions/spells